Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson

(Warning, going to rant here a bit, just need to vent)

I keep seeing people complaining about the news coverage about his death, and the complaining is more annoying to me than the coverage honestly. Think about it, this tops in terms of size and viewers the marriage of Princess Diana and Live Aid. There isn't anyone alive i can think of, much less other entertainers, that comes close. Not even mentioning how much he changed the music industry and music videos the way he did. I've never been a huge fan, only really owned Thriller, but just hearing pretty much any song of his reminds me of being young, brings back feelings of those times, good and bad.

Don't even get me started on the trial. Okay, i'm started anyway. I watched a lot of it on court tv and read the testimonies, and besides the fact that he was acquitted, all the accusations read like an adult putting words into what they thought a kid spoke like. Almost baby talk, or like when an older person uses slang to sound "hip". Just didn't ring true to me, and i had no care if he was guilty or not. I also keep seeing people say "But he was such a freak, of course he did something.", and after having been called a freak more often than i care to remember it annoys me even more. "Just look at him!", of course he looked different, so he must have been guilty since he didn't look like you. Never mind the fact that more than likely had a bad surgery that the rest were trying to fix, even though you never can, and his skin condition (vitiligo) problaby made him want to even it out, not to mention feel like the freak that people were calling him. Why did he pay the people accusing him? My feelings, since he was acquitted, he felt bad the way the child was used (and abused) by the parents and wanted to make it up him the only way he could, with money. Don't forget, all you have to do is accuse someone of child abuse, then they have to prove they didn't do anything, more so for an easy target like him. Abused people (which he suffered, although not sexual from what i know) tend towards certain trends that are pretty easy to see if you know what to look for, some go hypersexual others asexual. Some become abusers and others lifelong victims. There are middle grounds, but usually those come through long therapy that the person knows they need. But hey, he was such a freak right?

I'm tired of people trying to knock the talented people down, if you want to do that go for the horrible people like Jon and Kate, Paris Hilton, and those ilk. Who have no accomplishments other than being famous for being famous or taking fertility drugs. If you really want to accomplish something, try to be as talented and famous as Michael. Do something to make the world a better place, or at least your corner of it. Do something ground breaking, redefine an area of expertise, make an impact. Don't just latch onto someone or something else and try to rip it apart or make it your claim to fame. Don't just say you will or pretend you're special, but actually put all your will into it, and if you fail at this, know it and understand it. Have humility about it and yourself.

Maybe i'm just sick of people in general, with so many thinking being a sociopath is cool or fun, and not looking at anything other than what they want.