Sunday, April 15, 2012

Worried about Kitty Bunny

This is Kitty Bunny from a while ago. I'm pretty worried about her, she was at the vet a few days ago as she stopped eating like she used to, and wasn't acting like herself. The vet found she had a very, very high white blood cell count, so an infection of some sort. She didn't know exactly what caused it, but Kitty stayed overnight so they could watch her. They sent her home the next day and said they are optimistic about her odds. She seemed better for a couple days, nibbling on food, but still obviously not happy. Sadly she seems to be not doing so well. She's not too keen on taking her medicine, three different types, and will try to avoid letting me give them to her, but eventually does. She's eating less, hiding, and seems really skinny. I'm reminded of when Zack was bad off, although the vet said her kidneys were fine, but it's got me preparing for the worst.

I know they don't live the longest, about 12 to 14 years seems to be the longest, and kitty was an adult when i got her about eight years ago. So who knows how old she is, but none of the bunnies are very young anymore. Funny fact, i've had the bunnies much longer than any relationship i've been in (talking dating here, not family and such), so they are a huge part of my life. They've been there when i've needed them, and hopefully i've been there when they need me and hopefully they all have had a better life after coming here from the humane society. I love my crazy pooper bunnies and hope they all stay okay.