Saturday, December 10, 2011

Movie Night Dec 10th 2011

Movie Night December 10th 2011, as per the title.

One of the Avengers lead up movies. In my view, one of the better, not best, but better. My only real complaint is the amount of time the hero is without powers, although with Thor it is needed because that is actually part of his origin. My favorite character is Loki though, just wish they would have kept more of his scenes in it. As usual, stay for the end where there is a tie in to Captain America and the upcoming Avengers movies.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
Awesome movie that turns the tables on the "crazy redneck" killer movie. Moments you know are coming, but the actors playing the rednecks really pull it off and make it awesome. The trailer really does give away almost everything though, sadly.

New Girl
Three episodes of the new fox show. I honestly didn't expect to enjoy it as much as i did, maybe because it was fox and most of their sitcoms are groaners, but i did, laughed a good deal.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
The awesome Canadian show that just gets more and more disturbed. ;)