Friday, December 30, 2011

My year in photos, 2011

Not sure why exactly i'm doing this, but here are the twelve photos, one a month, that sums up 2011 for me. I guess.

Going through my photos, nothing major stands out, other than my first shoot with Emily, which was pretty awesome. Seems there was a lot more snow then, we have none now, but there was about three feet if i got it right.

Wow, 537 photos that month. I guess with African Night, Dancing with the UWRF Stars, and the Hudson Hot Air affair meant i got out a good deal, which is good, but what amuses me the most is one of the most viewed images i have on flickr...

Cultural events, St. Patrick's Day, and not much else. Although i totally forget when i got this, it seems to be the first time i took a picture of it for flickr, so maybe i got it then. My parents hate it, but i love it, it reminds me of a lot of what i care about.

Unity in the Community, mock crash, my birthday. I also got one of my cameras converted to Infrared, which has inspired me a lot since then, so that's pretty important.

Kind of slow month for photos, with family stuff, and such, but Spring Con being the one thing that really stands out for me.

Well, this one is a no brainer. After close to or over a decade, i got my butt to ren fests. Mostly the Chippewa Valley one, got there twice. One day was too hot and i headed home early, the second time i stayed longer.

This month was way, way too hot, with me getting heat stroke twice that i know of. Ugh... It was also the first time i did a real nude shoot. Which was pretty interesting. Obviously, i'm going to post one of those, but i'm posting a shot that is safe for work from that shoot.

Another Ren Fest, this time the one by the twin cities, and a trip to the zoo. This picture is the ren fest, heh. ;)

Wow, slow month, fifteen photos only. So i guess the big thing this month was the new 52 of DC comics.

Besides halloween, obviously, there was a dance presentation at the local library, art installations by the university, and an awesome nude shoot with three models. We're all adults here right? I do have that warning when you come here, so here you go. I got to use the IR camera with the nudes and absolutely love how it makes people look. Like statues or something, and got to work with her before she retired.

Riverdazzle Parade, shot with Frank J who is more fit than a human has a right to be, Drag Show, Culture Fest, shot with Emily again (yay!), Crypticon, and shooting cosplay with Chi. This is a rough one. I guess i'm going to have to post this one, one of the IR shots of Chi as Chun Li. She's awesome, it turned out great, and i hope to shoot more cosplay with her in the future.

The end of the year. Not many taken really, mostly of stuff gotten, Star Wars the Old Republic, and hopefully a new project that will turn out great, an aluminum foil dress project.

So there you go. That was my 2011. Not the most interesting, or changing year, but i do feel i did better at getting out and doing things this year, especially when i look back on it. Hopefully next year will be even better. It sure is hard to only select one image from each month to show things, but was interesting. Until now, i also didn't know flickr could show photos taken by calendar either, so that's something.