Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bunnies are fickle.


I swear, these bunns enjoy messing with me, especially Jerry lately. He's a bit sick, when i took him for his checkup he had a pretty high fever and a rattle in his chest. (along with a larger lump that just turned out to be a benign fat deposit, is he saving it up? heh) So the vet gave me some meds for him, one with one dose a day, and one with two doses a day. First couple of days, it was cake. All i had to do was fill the syringe, and call him, and he'd come running and lap it all up quickly and politely. The last day and a half, not so easy. He sniffs it, turns his head, and runs away. I had to pick him up, hold him, and stick it in his mouth hoping he would lap it up. Frustrating, to say the least, that was amplified by his great behavior before. The last dose was not so bad though. I sat down, he kept coming over and sniffing it, and turning away rejecting it. I told him "No treats until you take your medicine." Not long after he behaved and took his dose. So he got a treat. Hopefully he learned, and it will be easy the rest of the time. He goes back in a little over a week to get a recheck, hopefully the meds will have done their work, and my old bunny (he's at least 7 or 8, probably older, as i got him from the humane society when he was fully grown, but they found him running around outside, so who knows how old he is) will be better.

I love these guys (even though only one out of four is a guy, heh), even though they get expensive when sick, they deserve it more than anything.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie Night - April 16th, 2011

Movie night for April 16, and since it was the day before my birthday i got a bunch of Indian Food to share from India Palace over in Woodbury. I was pretty impressed how busy they were, almost no free seats at around 5:30, but it is great Indian food, and a saturday, so it's understandable. Since we had Indian food, we started with an Indian movie.

   An Indian superhero, with parts of Superman and parts of Batman, and song and dance numbers. Kept kind of shifting feeling, but at three hours, plenty of time to do things.

Night of the Comet
   One of my favorites from the 80s, and Catherine Mary Stewart, so pretty (still), and probably her character is one of, if not the first, great female characters, especially in horror. After taking women and film at the university, i wished there was a women and horror class, would do a good job of destroying the stereotype of woman hating horror (although to be fair, there is quite a bit of that too, but it makes the good more important to watch).

Deadman Wonderland episode 1
   One of my favorite current manga, now an anime, and very well done. Just wish it wasn't censored so much, although having read the manga i can use my imagination to know what is there. Still, annoying.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai  episode 1
   Oh the name, so long, heh. Was worried it was going to a bad place before the credits, but got hints that the girl was a ghost (or something) in the credits and confirmed right after. Definitely one i didn't expect to want to watch, but now on my must watch one.

Maria Holic (i forget if this was the first of the new season or what, don't know the show too well)
   Interesting, a bit too crazy with the subs, and so much going on, not to mention it was getting late, that it made my brain hurt.