Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bunnies are wierd

Just a short little thing that i have noticed that made me giggle to myself, but will probably confuse others.

My bunnies have odd habits, and they seem to change them on a whim too. I'll use Jerry and whoever he is playing with because both girls do this with him. He was a tendency to like sitting in spots. For a while, i would find them in the hall by the bedroom, near the door. Then for whatever reason, the downstairs bathroom. Then in the kitchen by the stool. They always seem to go back to the area behind the chair i have in the library/bunn room, but the other spots just seem to change for odd reasons. They haven't been upstairs in ages, and the other day Emily was hanging out in the downstairs bathroom by herself all day. I kind of get her doing it, when i got her and Amanda that's where they "lived" until i got them a proper home. Lately Jerry has been sitting under the barstool by the wine rack, but only when i'm sitting at the counter, facing me.

I do similar, with how i fluctuate between habits and such, but it's kind of cute and silly when they do it. ;)

Side note, Kitty is finally starting to seem more herself. I was so worried about her for a while there. She surely misses Zack, like the rest of us.