Sunday, January 01, 2012

Movie Night December 31, 2011

Oops, forgot to put what movies we watched last night, even though not an official movie night, we did watch some things. Oops.

How Not to Live Your Life, Its a Don-derful Life, series ender.
Aw, it's over, but it did such a good job at tying up things, and holy crap at the secret reveal at the end!! ;) I do love David Armand, that much is true.

Attack the Block
Kept meaning to see this. Loved the alien designs even if it didn't quite make sense, i guess that's the Rule of Cool though. Didn't quite care for the ending though, and the main protagonists bugged the hell out of me, maybe i'm just getting old. Get off my lawn!!

Burke and Hare
This was frankly, awesome. I had no clue about this. I had heard the story of the true people, but didn't know they made it into a film, with absolutely everyone from films and British tv that i like. I'm not even kidding here, it was almost every few minutes we were going "hey! it's so and so!!" ;)