Saturday, March 13, 2010

Movie Night - March 14th, 2010

Movie night run down again.

First up, 2012.
   Yeah, it's a movie. A long movie. Pretty much what i expected, and can now say i've seen it. ;)

Next was End of the Line.
   Indy film, so effects and such were low budget, but they get a pass for that. Some of the actors/actresses were better than others, and it started slow, but got better and more freaky as it went on.

and finally, and most awesomely, Bitch Slap
   Oh my, i can't say how much i LOVE this movie! So much fun, and just got more and more crazy as it went on. The cameos were awesome, although i kept expecting Bruce Campbell to show up. ;) My favorite of the night by far, and my favorite in a while. It's that damn fun.

Wow, i haven't played in a while

For some reason, i decided to play some World of Warcraft last night. I don't know why, but i haven't played since sometime last year, although this happens to me, i play a lot, then get a burned out feeling or have a bad experience with someone that makes it less fun for me. I've played some DDO, Star Trek Online, and such, but most of my WoW play has been only about a couple of minutes then feeling apathetic and logging out.

I won't go into how embarrassing it was for me in Alterac Valley that first time back, "oops, all my addons are at default and are blocking my view or set up wrong." All my macros were borked, i forgot where keys were bound, yeah, good times. ;) Also, as crap as i thought my gear was before, well it's worse now, good times. ;) (and i just discovered that all my spell ranks on the action bars were off by several levels, oops, probably because i am using a different laptop, ugh)

So yeah, i basically just noticed this thing in the armory that allows you put it in a webpage. D'oh!  >_<;

Yep, alt-a-holic here, and i do love the night elves, even though they dance like strippers. ;) I think part of it is that the ears remind me of bunnies, heh. Sad to say i'll probably make a night elf mage when i can. ;)
Thrilling post eh? ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Just because, here is Zack in his carrier at the vet tuesday. He looks better than he feels. He's really skinny, but active. He doesn't like going there, or going in the carrier, but it seems to be helping him feel better with the fluid injections. So hard to see him sad and not healthy. He's such an awesome bunn.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just for Men

Grrr... I really, really hate these commercials. I'm sure women hate some with as much passion as i do the ones for this product. I'd link to some, but i couldn't find any good ones, so just click the headline and it will take you to a search on youtube of them. 

What i hate the most, the "OMG! You have grey hair! Dye it or you are a huge loser and everyone will run away from you and laugh in your direction!" I really hate the 'miss hottie' ones. Ugh. Beyond painful. 

If you can't tell, my hair is pretty damn grey (if not white in big areas), and has been going that way since i was around 20 or so. I've always wanted white hair, not sure why, but as long as i can remember i've wanted it. Which is funny, because i was blond until around 5 or so, then it got darker, to black, then the white hairs started showing up. Heck, if i was to go pure white, i'd be even happier. 

I don't have a problem with anyone dying their hair whatever color if it makes them happy, i've had blue, purple, red, and pretty much every color that exists. It's fun, easy, and nice to look however you want. One thing that bugs me is that the people in those commercials look older to me after they dye it, like you can tell more that their face is aged, but looks "wrong". I won't even get into how they make it seem like grey hair = no job, girlfriend, life, whatever. (i'm going to ignore the jokes about how that kind of fits me a bit, heh)

Eh, it's probably similar to what women go through, Target Women does a pretty good job at describing it. 

I guess guys just want sex, and hot women are attracted to these things. ;)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Some people

I've debated sharing this, but i'm still pretty flabbergasted at the people there that i feel i need to get it out.

Before movie night i stopped at a local gas station to pick up drinks and some snacks, as usual. It was pretty empty, but there were the workers and a couple of people hanging out. I took a while to decide on what to get, and as they weren't talking with inside voices, i overheard their conversation. The subject of their conversation was about a picture of girl in the obituary section of the local paper. They even got out a paper and passed it around. While i was at first worried it was going to go in the direction of the guys who dug up a body to have sex with, and i'm not exactly sure it didn't after that, it was pretty crass.

She apparently hung herself, and they were going on about "how much a slut she must have been" because "she wore too much makeup" and kept "forgetting her id and credit cards" there. Needless to say, i'm a bit touchy when it comes to suicide, and people who judge or make fun of people like they were. Obviously, if a 20 year old decides to do that, they have things that are pretty serious going on. I wanted to smack these people.

I do get the whole thing about how people distance themselves from others, and would have probably not been saying or doing these things if they knew the person (i don't by the way), but whatever happened to not behaving like a caveman?

Same thing that has been bugging me with people who judge too quickly without knowing facts. Not to mention people who should be smarter, like with addictions being in the genes, not a character fault. No, i rarely drink (like a couple of times a year basically) and i don't do drugs. I've just known many who have, done my research, and understand that what we live through and where we come from can really form us.

*sigh*, so yeah, people pissing me off again. No surprise there.