Sunday, June 06, 2010

Movie Night June 5, 2010

Movie night again, just the two of us, but that's fine as we tend to go longer and watch more a variety. This night was all over the map, in a good way. (imdb is not loading for me for some reason, so i'm linking ot other places, sorry)

Doctor Who, Vincent and the Doctor.
   Wow. This is actually my favorite of the new doctor episodes. Besides the fact that the Universe seems to be trying to tell me something, fourth thing i watched this week with suicide as a subject, and me not even going out of my way to find those things. Amy is awesome as usual, my favorite companion, not just because she's cute as a button, but not a pushover and not one dimensional either. Loved, loved, loved the cinematography too, the colors reflected the paintings and were awesome.

Astro Boy.
   My oh my. No offense to the animators who worked on it, but wow. The voices that just didn't fit, the story that drug, the odd choices, just not a fan. Also, the very bit at the end, that should have been the movie, would have been more fun i bet.

St. Trinian's.
   Awesome. Damn awesome. Looking, it seems to be sixth in a series, with a sequel, going to have to check that out. It was bizarre, fun, with awesome actors, too many to list really. Perfect Saturday night movie, fun, fun, fun.

   Very good drama, with the main character having aspergers, and not portrayed in a bad way. Also didn't get stereotypical and the ending was good in my eyes. Not sure what else to say about it, but it's a watch for sure. Plus, it's got Amy Irving, who i adore.

Black Dynamite.
   Heh, brilliant, at least for a Saturday night movie. Some people love it, some hate it, i loved it. Laughed my ass off and would probably quote it tons, where people would get sick of it, if i could remember more lines.