Sunday, October 10, 2010

Movie Night - October 9th, 2010

Been a while, so i might be out of practice doing this. Just bear with me. ;)

First up we watched three of the DC Universe animated shorts, all very good, but i'd really love to see a series of The Specter, it would totally work, and be awesome. Note, for these i couldn't find trailers for just the short, so i'm putting the trailer for the main movie or what i can find, just so you know:

Green Arrow
The more 'typical' superhero short of the bunch, with more a focus on action than the other two, but very well done.

Jonah Hex
EC comics/Tales from the crypt feeling, in other words, awesome. Haven't seen the live action movie, but heard it wasn't nearly as good as this.

The Specter
Awesome kind of grindhouse, LA noir, comic movie. Awesome to see different styles used in animation and such.

Then the movies started.

A Bucket of Blood
Kind of funny to see the people who later got more famous, and a funny retro horror. The beatnicks were hilarious too.

Eyes Without a Face
Wow, i had heard it was a highly regarded and impressive film, but had no idea it would go as far as it did for that year. Great direction too, although the music choice was odd, to say the least, but they are French, so i just go with it. ;)

Lust for a Vampire
Not one of Hammer's best, and seemed to drag a lot, with odd pacing, was funny to see the random nudity that just "happens", kind of miss that in modern movies. What? ;) Funny thing, i'm so used to vampires dying violently, exploding, turning into goo, etc. when staked that i was kind of surprised how mild it was here. Also, damn that song, ugh.