Tuesday, June 19, 2012

kitty bunny is breaking my heart.

This is Kitty Bunny in better days. The last month or so has not been good to her. She's pretty old now, around 10 or older, and her health has gone down hill. Today she seems to have lost the use of her back legs. She's been having a harder time grooming herself lately, and getting in and out of the potty, but today she spent most of the day in there. She ate a good deal of fresh greens, so that's good, but when she tried to get out, she got stuck. I recently replaced her old pan with a much lower one, so she can get in and out better, but seeing her half in and half out just broke my heart. She didn't want me to help her, when i tried she acted like i was going to hurt her. She is so far from her old self that it's like she is a completely different bunny. The only thing the same is that she is a fighter. She's very frail looking and feeling, and rests more than not, but the fact that she is still going is how i know it's her.

That's her with Zack, who passed away a while ago due to kidney failure. He got skinny too really quickly, and had many visits to the vet to make him more comfortable, but he passed pretty quickly. I went upstairs and an hour later he was passed away in his and Kitty's house. She was devastated. She didn't eat for a while, and took a few months to act like herself again, although to be honest she never really seemed to get back to how she seemed with Zack around. They really made a great couple, especially since she really never got along with any of the other bunns in the house.

This is the most recent photo i have of her, about a month old or so, and will probably be the last i take, as while i love her, i want to remember the good, not how sad she looks lately. We were hanging out on the stairs, giving her medicine, grooming her, and watching her rest. She's still an awesome bunny, but i'm now bracing myself to come down and find her passed away. When she's too quiet lately, i go and check on her even.

I know and knew when i got these poopers that while they can live 12 to 14 years, that i would most likely outlive them and have to watch them pass. It's just after Clover having the surprise death (vet said he may have seen a predator out the window and freaked out), and Zack with being sick but passing relatively quickly, watching Kitty take so long and being so helpless is rough. It's even harder that when i have to do things that help her, like bathing, meds, etc, i can't explain to her that i'm trying to help make her feel better. I know it's not the most enjoyable experience for her, but it would be nice if i could get her to understand. I'm also bracing myself for Jerry having problems. He's her age or so, and is also showing his age. He's also been having potty troubles, and sleeping a lot, but still moves pretty good. Especially when treats are involved. Anyway, not sure what this post is about, other than to get these feelings out. These bunnies have been there for me longer than anyone i've dated, and quite literally saved my life more than once. So i hope they were made happy while here.

So i typed this last night. Today around 2 or so, i heard Emily screaming loudly and had no clue why she was. I rush in there, she starts convulsing in bad directions i've never seen a bunny do. She then passed away. All within a couple of minutes. I didn't even have time to run to the phone and call the vet. I'm heart broken, she and Amanda are the youngest, at about eight years old, and as you could probably tell from the post i was expecting either Kitty or Jerry to pass first. I didn't see this coming, at all. I'm devastated.

My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today.