Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nong Shim Big Bowl Udon

Been a while since i've done one of these, but feeling pretty down, can't sleep, and had a craving for them. So i bring you a late night bit of Nong Shim Big Bowl Udon.

Here with the plastic removed, as it glares just too much. Not the most in focus, but i am not exactly the most focused either. 

Dried powder put in, the larger parts (tofu i believe) are there in with the noodles already. There is also some seaweed, and other bits, veggies and such in there too. 

Pour in boiling water (days, or nights like this i'm glad i have one of those quick water boiling pitchers), wait four minutes (must be because they are udon, as the ramen ones take three minutes), stir and nom away. 

My opinion, this is awesome, i will definitely be getting multiples of these from United Noodles when go again. It becomes substantial when done, has a good flavor, and all around damn fine instant noodles. I know eating instant noodles isn't probably the best for you if you do it too much, but it's such a comfort food for me for some reason. Lately, that is just something i need, the little pleasures in life, to keep me going. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Movie Night - March 12th, 2011

Movie night for march 12th, they were getting their cable upgraded, so it's a strange one. Not to mention the installer was also a geek who's wife made chocolate daleks and was into anime and such too.

Young JusticeBereft and Denial
   Out of order, but that's okay, as we've seen most of them, but the second one had Doctor Fate, one of my favorite DC characters.

iCarly: iHire an Idiot
   This is one odd show, and i really hope there isn't anyone as stupid as that intern was made out to be. ;)

Pyaar Impossible
   Took a while to get into it, as the guys face was just "odd" for a while there, but after about half an hour it started to get better. The songs needed some work, and it wasn't as well shot or good as I Hate Luv Stories, but was worth watching. Had to laugh at where he made her into a "geek" and she couldn't get a number, she was even cuter as a geek. Maybe that's just me though, heh.

Glee: Sexy
   We started watching with their kid earlier in the night, but he started blushing so we delayed until after he went to bed. Flashback to the 70s with the songs in this one.

Dead and Breakfast
   Good one to end a Saturday movie night on, not to serious and had a weird sense of humor.