Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movie Night - November 13, 2010

Movie night and was also Sebastian's birthday, so mostly his choice. Also very random. ;)

DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam
   That is some title! Heh. It was pretty good, but a bit confused that it was so short and that it had the other shorts from DC Showcase with it, and priced the way it was. Still, loved it, an actual origin story i liked (they didn't drag it out ages) and he didn't do the "but i don't want these powers" bit.

Laaaame... All clips of this are "Embedding disabled by request". So here is a link to one clip.

The Flash Pilot
   Well... that didn't age well... We didn't even finish it actually, we all got bored. Not a good sign.

Birds of Prey Pilot
   Much better, although so odd how they change characters for the tv from the comics.

   I'm not as much a fan of this as most people it seems, way, way too long getting to know annoying characters, monster macguffin, then the peek a boo monster near the end (i mean really? No one saw this huge monster coming in the quiet field? really?), shaky cam, lets sacrifice everyone for a half dead jerk, etc. While the effects were awesome, the idea of huge monster on the rampage, it winning, no real answer, all that, which would pretty much be what it would be like too. Although i thought the Gamera one from a while back did it better while actually having more a story than "lets escape, no i need to get my ex, now lets run, and scene". Sorry, i'm feeling snarky, heh. Also of note, the Rifftrax makes this movie a whole lot more enjoyable. ;) Speaking of Rifftrax, the Troll 2 one, is awesome, unlike the original movie. ;)

Invader Zim The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot and The Nightmare Begins
   How can you not know Invader Zim, or not love it? ;) It's awesome.

How Not to Live Your Life Don's New Job and Don's Angry Girlfriend
   New season, first two episodes. So glad they are all back. :)

Kitty Bunny in a box

While cleaning the kitchen area, and emptying all the stuff out of this box, Kitty decided to run in there, and relax. She loves boxes, not as much as Maru the Cat, but she loves these. They all seem to love things that have only one way out, with a cover on top, probably a prey instinct. Keeps them safer feeling. Whatever the reason, it's adorable, and i had to grab the camera.

One thing you may be able to see, is her skin condition. She's flaking like crazy, has been since last year, and her fur is not growing back there as fast. It's almost like dandruff, but where it's the heaviest it forms an almost crusty area, and it seems to itch for her too. When i take her to my vet, who is very well versed in rabbits as house pets, not as farm animals, she can't seem to find out what is causing it. No bugs, mites, or anything like that. I've looked online, and nothing that seems close fits, as her blood is always fine. I've thought about giving her a bath, but the vet and people online say it is a huge stress for bunns, and if she is unwell, it can push them over the edge. Plus they really, really hate being wet, and can get too cold if wet too long. She otherwise seems fine, so maybe i'll just have to keep grooming her and spoiling her until we can figure out what will help.

Feisty silly bunn. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


So i noticed a huge spike of views on my flickr, something that really only happens when i upload new things, and usually only when it's of cute girls. On the stats page, i see this:
Click to embiggen. 

I go look and see what is up with that, as it's a little weird that so many seem like radio stations. Turns out there is some thing they all have up that shows a collection of body painted women, painted as sports teams and what not. They all show the same people, and when clicked on they get sent to the flickr. 

This is the one image they linked to and has been getting a lot of views:
From the Painted Muse set.

I'm guessing this got linked because i recently switched the usage on my photos so one of the bands i took photos of could grab them to use. I guess it's "welcome to the internet" for me, heh. 

One of the funnier aspects of this is that my 'all time' views are pretty amusing to me:
Pretty girl, pretty girl, Juusto snacks (??), pretty girl, pretty girl, holga cap (??)

That shot of the Juusto Snacks gets a lot of searches from google, no doubt because they are so yummy. The holga cap though, that gets hit from all over, hopefully more people get sent to, as that's who made it. That gas mask shot though, it's been rocketing up the ranks, and six favorites so far, and the top 11 most favorited of mine are of her in the mask. 

So yeah, not a real point to this, just something to distract me from cleaning for a bit and felt like sharing. 

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Movie Night - November 7th, 2010

Movie night again, some disappointing movies sadly, so while it's sad Jason has to work so much, i'm sure he won't be sad he missed most of these. ;)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
   We came in later to this, having seen it before, though i can still share what i thought. While the X-Men are one of my favorite comics, mostly from the 80s and such with quality coming and going, the movies have only partly impressed me. This one, not so much. The best parts are Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Liev Schreiber as Sabertooth. I never would have picked those two to portray them before the movies, but they do a great job. The other characters were changed in bizarre and silly ways to the point that i had to wonder why they were even in the movie as those characters. Deadpool is a perfect example. Not to get on a rant, but his comic book version is a funny smack talking character that frequently breaks the fourth wall and is quite witty. Funny fact, one of the few surviving Rob Liefeld  characters from the 90s, pouches and all, and is even more popular now. The movie version starts out okay, then is not even close. Oh well.  
   I'd also like to point out the 'de-aging' system used in this and other movies, mostly by Lola. It's used in movies on major stars and has such an NDA attached that in those, you'll never know. It's also used less harshly in those. In this and the other X-Men movies, it seems to be pushed too hard, or even the fact that we know the faces of those stars too well, that they look uncanny (no pun intended, or maybe it is, heh) so 'young'. The effects are also very inconsistent in the movie, and i'm really curious as to why. From scene to scene even. Watch his claws for a good example. Ah well. 
   So for so much written here, it's a 'meh' movie. Unfocused, cluttered, and in the end kind of pointless. If you are an X-Men fan, you may like it or hate it, but should probably see it for some reason. ;)

Clash of the Titans
   The new one. To sum up: exposition...ACTION... fly over shot... exposition...ACTION... fly over shot... exposition...ACTION... fly over shot... exposition...ACTION... fly over shot...  (you get my point, heh). Not to mention, it has only minor connections to the actual myth which is trippy and awesome by itself (best comment ever about the Greek Gods "What’s not to love about a murderous, incestuous and all together mentally unstable pantheon of absurdly powerful beings.") the characters are annoying, and there is no reason to care about any of them. Felt like a videogame most of the time, and not a good one. 

Psychoville Halloween Special
   Oh my god, this was awesome! Reminded me of Trick r Treat at times, but in a very good way. It's so not for kids, to say the least, especially certain parts, but i loved it. 

Hills Run Red
   Oh Dark Castle, what happened to you? I loved the first few films, good fun horror, not 'this'. 

How Not to Live Your Life
   The last three episodes of season 2. Better than season one, which was up and down, but i enjoyed it. This season the chemistry was better and their timing was awesome. I also want to point out, it seems season 3 starts the 8th of November, *cough* *cough*. ;)