Friday, December 30, 2011

My year in photos, 2011

Not sure why exactly i'm doing this, but here are the twelve photos, one a month, that sums up 2011 for me. I guess.

Going through my photos, nothing major stands out, other than my first shoot with Emily, which was pretty awesome. Seems there was a lot more snow then, we have none now, but there was about three feet if i got it right.

Wow, 537 photos that month. I guess with African Night, Dancing with the UWRF Stars, and the Hudson Hot Air affair meant i got out a good deal, which is good, but what amuses me the most is one of the most viewed images i have on flickr...

Cultural events, St. Patrick's Day, and not much else. Although i totally forget when i got this, it seems to be the first time i took a picture of it for flickr, so maybe i got it then. My parents hate it, but i love it, it reminds me of a lot of what i care about.

Unity in the Community, mock crash, my birthday. I also got one of my cameras converted to Infrared, which has inspired me a lot since then, so that's pretty important.

Kind of slow month for photos, with family stuff, and such, but Spring Con being the one thing that really stands out for me.

Well, this one is a no brainer. After close to or over a decade, i got my butt to ren fests. Mostly the Chippewa Valley one, got there twice. One day was too hot and i headed home early, the second time i stayed longer.

This month was way, way too hot, with me getting heat stroke twice that i know of. Ugh... It was also the first time i did a real nude shoot. Which was pretty interesting. Obviously, i'm going to post one of those, but i'm posting a shot that is safe for work from that shoot.

Another Ren Fest, this time the one by the twin cities, and a trip to the zoo. This picture is the ren fest, heh. ;)

Wow, slow month, fifteen photos only. So i guess the big thing this month was the new 52 of DC comics.

Besides halloween, obviously, there was a dance presentation at the local library, art installations by the university, and an awesome nude shoot with three models. We're all adults here right? I do have that warning when you come here, so here you go. I got to use the IR camera with the nudes and absolutely love how it makes people look. Like statues or something, and got to work with her before she retired.

Riverdazzle Parade, shot with Frank J who is more fit than a human has a right to be, Drag Show, Culture Fest, shot with Emily again (yay!), Crypticon, and shooting cosplay with Chi. This is a rough one. I guess i'm going to have to post this one, one of the IR shots of Chi as Chun Li. She's awesome, it turned out great, and i hope to shoot more cosplay with her in the future.

The end of the year. Not many taken really, mostly of stuff gotten, Star Wars the Old Republic, and hopefully a new project that will turn out great, an aluminum foil dress project.

So there you go. That was my 2011. Not the most interesting, or changing year, but i do feel i did better at getting out and doing things this year, especially when i look back on it. Hopefully next year will be even better. It sure is hard to only select one image from each month to show things, but was interesting. Until now, i also didn't know flickr could show photos taken by calendar either, so that's something.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Movie Night Dec 10th 2011

Movie Night December 10th 2011, as per the title.

One of the Avengers lead up movies. In my view, one of the better, not best, but better. My only real complaint is the amount of time the hero is without powers, although with Thor it is needed because that is actually part of his origin. My favorite character is Loki though, just wish they would have kept more of his scenes in it. As usual, stay for the end where there is a tie in to Captain America and the upcoming Avengers movies.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
Awesome movie that turns the tables on the "crazy redneck" killer movie. Moments you know are coming, but the actors playing the rednecks really pull it off and make it awesome. The trailer really does give away almost everything though, sadly.

New Girl
Three episodes of the new fox show. I honestly didn't expect to enjoy it as much as i did, maybe because it was fox and most of their sitcoms are groaners, but i did, laughed a good deal.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
The awesome Canadian show that just gets more and more disturbed. ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Movie Night November 27, 2011

Wow, been a long time since one!

Usagi Drop Special 1
The sweetest anime ever. Nuff said. ;) Okay, maybe not. The special that was recently released after the end of the season.


Preview video:

Noticed too, that there is going to be a live action version...

Captain America
In my opinion, the best super hero movie to date. Just pulled the right notes, and kept the feeling of the comics, with some awesome writing. Hopefully i'll be able to say the same about the Avengers.

Super 8
Better than i expected, a bit too sappy an ending, but what i expect from Spielberg. ;) Also, lens flares, which i expect from Abrams. ;) Don't miss the movie the kids did during the credits, it's awesome.

American Horror Story Pilot
Okay, love this show so far. From the makers of Glee and Nip Tuck, funny and awesome. :)

Monday, November 07, 2011

Crypticon Minneapolis 2011

I went to Crypticon Minneapolis on Saturday, partly because i was curious, but more so that i knew a friend would be there too. Sometimes it's fun to go to these alone, but other times it's nice to have the motivation and someone to talk about what you saw with. Got to meet his new girlfriend and her freaky contacts. ;) Crypticon is basically a smaller horror convention, held in a hotel in Bloomington. (i think that's where it is, those suburbs always mess me up.)

So here are some highlights, sorry about the noise and blurriness of the images, it was pretty dark, and i forgot my flash, so i had to crank the iso to get even that shutter speed. Still learning, as always.

Crypticon 2011 2
Here is the car i parked next to, i just found it funny they were all zombies. 

Crypticon 2011 8
Doug Bradley, aka Pinhead at the Q&A session. I'm not one for fawning over famous people or wanting autographs, but something about him got me all shy when i went up to him. He's such a nice guy too. 

Crypticon 2011 18
Jimmy as the hunchback. There was a demonstration where they put the makeup on him (the beard is real), but we were watching a movie (a sloooooow movie) when it happened. 

Crypticon 2011 21
Half of the dealer room, there was another dealer room across the hall.

Crypticon 2011 22
The other half.

Crypticon 2011 27
Main area from above.

Crypticon 2011 58
I always find it funny when i catch a flash going off. ;) This guy was one of my favorites, parts glowed, and it was very detailed. 

Crypticon 2011 71
A very good Ash from Army of Darkness. 

Crypticon 2011 98
Very cool Predator costume, the outer mask came off and there was another underneath. 

Crypticon 2011 102

Crypticon 2011 110
Speaking of Pinhead.

Crypticon 2011 127
She totally freaked me out, stayed in character before the contest while walking around the dealers room, until i found out i knew her. lol. Funny how that works. (dolls masks will always kind of freak me out, long story.)

Crypticon 2011 142
This one makes me laugh, them looking at each other. ;)

Crypticon 2011 147
The three finalists from the groups, but not the children one.

Crypticon 2011 148
Frankie was awesome too, in character a lot. 

So there you go, there were three days, but most of what i really wanted to see and do were on saturday. Being within driving distance helped, if i was farther i would stay there, but less than an hour away it's not so bad. Almost all interstate driving too, and surprised that there wasn't much construction.
One funny thing i forget to mention, while we went to TGI Fridays for some food, i was told by one of the greeters that my hair could be like Einstein, which amused me. It is getting a bit long and out of control, and it was so windy that it was a bit all over the place. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wow, i have internet

Lately, like for the past month but getting progressively worse, my internet has been beyond spotty. Not being connected for stretches at a time, dial up speeds, etc. The past two weeks have culminated in being online for an hour or two a day. The rest, i would have to unplug the modem, and pray it connected once back on. Service guy game today, and turns out i needed a new modem. Not sure how old it was, but several years at least, with him saying it's been years since he's seen that type. I guess that's a problem with these always on things, you take them for granted, don't think about them most of the time, unless they go out. One year though it went out totally, and when the tech came out it turned out down the line something had gotten struck by lightning, and i was the first to contact them. Always worry that's happened again. I know, it's a "first world problem", but it was annoying.

So while this started as an update about my internet troubles, i'm going to share something i've been trying to focus on to keep myself from getting too depressed again. While i love halloween, so many things have gone wrong near it, that it kind of taints my favorite holiday. So here we go, one of, if not the happiest memory i have. (and surprise, surprise, it involves bunnies)

Years ago, 2001 or 2002, i forget the exact date, the girl i was dating had a bunny. He was awesome, but getting kind of lonely being the only bunny in the house. We were worried he was getting sick or very old, as he was lethargic and not doing a whole lot. Then one day, we were at the pet store close to my house, and as i was looking around, i saw a bunny who looked almost exactly like him. I kind of freaked out there, and saw he was priced at $10. Not a good sign, i was told most likely he would be ending up as snake food, or some other similar fate. He had been dropped off there, and had nails very long that got tangled up in the cage, shedding something fierce. He was in the cage with a chinchilla, who was not enjoying him grooming his ears, cute but that chinchilla wasn't amused. After tossing it around about if we should get him (no debate really, more having to go to an ATM to get cash), we went back and got him. He freaked. His fur just flew off him, and on the way home he peed on my ex who was holding him. This isn't the "good" part i was talking about. That happened once we got his house set up. He was sitting in there, with good food and treat stick, the kind that is seeds or something bound together, made specially for bunnies. Alex (the bunny we had at the time) sees him (got named Dru later), and runs at top speed next to him. So here is the good memory. Alex running around the cage grunting loudly, flopping over, back and forth like crazy, and Dru looks so happy, and picks up the treat stick with his mouth and tries to give it to Alex through the cage. Absolute happiness was there that day, them seeing each other and hitting it off right off the bat, and me watching, just soaking it in. They never fought, and just bonded that moment.

One interesting thing, as quickly as he warmed up to Alex, it took us booth time to relax around each other. I think part of it was he was worried he was going to be taken away from Alex, as whenever i would go to pick him up to play with him or go home, he would nip pretty badly at me. After a while though, he really relaxed, and i could hold him no problem even. Funny moment one time when i was holding Dru on my lap, and my ex was holding Alex, and Dru jumped off my lap and right next to Alex. Those two were inseparable.

So, when my depression gets the better of me, i try to remember that moment, and while i doubt i'll ever find that sort of instant bond for myself, it makes me smile remembering it. So now i will share some pictures of those two, and someday maybe i'll tell stories of the other bunnies, like Miso and Maggie, and the whole menagerie i have here.

 Dru (bottom) and Alex (top) playing on the old sun room of my old house.

 Dru (bottom) and Alex (top) laying on the carpet of my current house, very, very relaxed. 

 Dru (bottom) and Alex (top) grooming each other. 

 Alex (left) and Dru (right) being adorable on the cat thing on the porch of my old house. They loved that thing. 

Dru (left) and Alex (right) in their separate houses one day. They probably could have lived together now that i think about it, but i believe we were worried that they might fight while we slept. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

Comics: X-23

A friend of mine recently got me into comics again, i'd been off and on for quite some time, bascially only picking up trades that seemed interesting, and of series i loved years ago. Mostly Hellblazer and Green Lantern. Right now though, there are a couple Marvel ones that i want to point out that i've been very impressed with, both with the character X-23. I've been pretty ambivalent with Wolverine as character over the years, he's been pretty much one note with "I'm the best at what i do, and what i do isn't very nice." Although his recent development in Schism has been very well done.

I picked up an issue of her current ongoing series recently and had previously read some of her in New X-Men, and was surprised she wasn't more just a female Wolverine, whom she is a clone of. Sort of. The quality prompted me go look up more of the books i saw mentioned. These stood out to me.


Not pronounced "nix" but N. Y. X., sort of implying an X-Men spin off. The premise is basically mutant teens who developed, but didn't have Xavier or the school to help them, only each other. There are two volumes collecting the whole run out there, the first one is the only one with X-23 in it though, but both are very good. That image is the cover of the trade, and while there has been a lot of controversy over the recent handling of women in the DC universe reboot, i should point out that what you see there is not the same. Without spoiling things, that image is a good portrayal of something that happens in the book, and yet surprises you when you don't know what is coming and is actually happening. Pretty dark book, but also hopeful. I'd recommend both volumes really, but rate the first slightly higher as it feels less conventional and is more surprising to me. One thing i loved about the art is that the kids (most are teens of various ages) really are drawn like them, and expressive, not just like adults but smaller as tends to happen with a lot of artists. One awesome moment, is when someone tells X-23 "You're the best at what you do.", and while at the time of the original issues release, i'm not sure people knew how she was related to Wolverine, it worked as a nice call out, and a hell of twist on it that caught me off guard.

X-23: Innocence Lost

One of trades i've gotten and read so far that focuses on her. This one is a prequel of sorts to NYX i believe, not explicitly said, but it fits. The cover bugs me for the reason that she looks too old there. Most of the book is several years before NYX, she starts out at as a baby when first seen, then the book advances seven years. Then another three years, so by the end she's 12? It's a little confusing, not sure if she ages slightly faster, or the art of Billy Tan (which is quite different than the cover, and i like better) reflects her age properly. Either way, she's not even close to as mature as the cover shows. It's pretty dark, since it is basically about a girl being created to be a weapon, and only thought of and treated as such. It also explains a lot of her actions and behavior in NYX and later books, and while i guess Wolverine has similar origins, the way she's portrayed as going through them and how she reacts later is something i connected to better.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fears and dreams

Lately i've been thinking about my life, aspects of it, where it's going and has been. Part of this has been brought on by an illness, not sure if a bad cold or the flu that's going around from what i've heard, but either way i've been in bed a lot more than usual. When feeling ill i tend to have strange dreams, well, strange and ones that affect me a lot when i wake up. Another that i'm probably a bit ashamed to admit is envy at seeing friends doing and succeeding at things, so while i'm happy for them, i'm also letting myself go to the mental space of "what is wrong with me?". (part of this brought on by finding out how many of my friends have stayed at Neil's house, it's almost kind of funny in how many and few of them know each other. not sure why this triggered it.)

Anyway, the dreams, actual dreams and metaphorical dreams. There was a point in the early to mid 90s i wanted to be an animator. I taught myself, studied it, put together demo reels every year and went to SIGGRAPH where i even got some interviews with great companies (ILM, Boss Film, Square, and others i forget off hand). Obviously i didn't get the jobs, but they are almost constantly seeing people, and the numbers of reels they get were staggering. I know i wasn't the best, and got envious when friends got in the industry, but also very happy for them. (this is really a recurring theme here i think, always a bridesmaid, never a bride) When i started, i had big dreams, high hopes, and as time went on, they were pretty much crushed, and i gave up. One thing that sticks with me though is seeing people do worse than i can do, getting those jobs, in movies. I figure if you got the job over me, you should be better at least. Oh well.

After several years of this, and relationship changes, i was lost again, not sure where to go or what to do. Left the town i was in, as i was in a huge rut there, and while there as been good and bad about moving here, it is where i got on a new idea of what to do. Not sure if it's working out or not, as everyone seems to tell me it's more about how good a businessman or marketer you are, not how good of a photographer you are. Sadly i've seen this be true, not anyone i know personally, but in general. I'm horrible with numbers and such, so who knows. I've also been trying my hand at writing again. I don't really remember doing it a lot, but i've been told when i was younger i was a good writer. (side note, with my memory issues, i have so many things this is the case with, and it's very annoying. "hey, you remember such and such?" . blank stare, try to remember, 'um... no.'. and they usually take it personally, not fun) Anyway, they'll probably never see the light of day, but more for myself.

The dream/dreams are even more affecting. They'll be very realistic, i'll be engrossed in them, sometimes happy, sometimes not, but either way it's closer to what or where i wish i was. The "worst" ones are the ones where i'm with my dead friend. There will be that moment when i am waking where i forgot she's dead, and it will then hit me as i become more and more awake. Those are rough to say the least.

Not really sure what the point of this one is, to complain? Just talk? I don't know. I do know i could have it a lot worse, and i'm grateful for that. I think i just wish one of the dreams would work out, or that i'd stop letting my fears and anxiety rule my life. (since especially lately they have been getting worse, or i've been letting them get worse, not sure.) Oh well, i do tend to babble on here.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Movie Night September 3rd 2011

Wow, been a while since an actual movie night. Got to check out Jason's new place, very nice. Along with a cat that didn't bite too. ;) All movies i've seen before, but haven't watched in a while, and lots of conversation.

   Kind of a thriller, with an odd twist, and a cast i enjoy. Very atmospheric too.

Near Dark
   Forgot how many people from this were in Aliens, and other things. There is a newer cover of this that makes it look like Twilight, it's not quite like that. ;)

   Ah the 70's, this movie still has some quality to it that makes the whole thing feel like a dream gone wrong.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Movie Night - June 18th, 2011

Not much watched tonight, but a lot of talk.

Battle: Los Angeles
   Pretty much paint by the numbers war/action flick. Biggest gripe is they went from unstoppable force of dealing death, to stormtroopers that couldn't hit a thing and killed in one shot. Also, if they built that thing so fast in the first place, what is stopping them from making several or more later? I know, i need to not think about it so much. ;)

Nichijou a couple of episodes
   This show just makes me happy. I can't really explain it, it just does. :)

Then it was quite a while talking about comics and a LOT of it being about the DC reboot coming. So curious about where this is going, and how it will end up.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Chippewa Valley Ren Fest

Sunday i was feeling 'off', had messed up dreams, got up early, and was feeling the urge to get out of the house. I tossed around going to the Chippewa Valley Ren fest, did my usual 'nah, yeah, maybe' anxiety dance, but in the end decided to just go for it. They predicted nice weather, warm but no storms, which seems a rarity lately. Having also recently gotten my car worked on, i felt better about that, so that's something. Here are my highlights of the day.

Fairgrounds entrance
I was surprised it was so formal, i half expected a smaller set up, but didn't know how long it's been going on before this year and it's history. I got into a little chat with one of the security guards about cameras, didn't know much about Minolta ones though, so i wasn't as helpful i guess.

Puke & Snot
It was the last weekend Puke & Snot were going to be there, so i got to get a good laugh in, they were funny and interacted with the audience. When i tipped them at the end, one told me he liked my tattoo, but i'm not sure which. If it was the spider web one, i sometimes get people confused why i have it, thinking it symbolizes something else that it doesn't. Long story, but it's my daughter that it symbolizes, sometimes i'm not in the mood to go into it though and just say "Spiderman". ;)

The Jousting was fun, here the "bad guy" is chasing his squire after she tossed a hoop where he couldn't get it. Drew a good crowd, and was fun.

Aisha & Ivy
Aisha & Ivy belly dancing (i believe this is Ivy), and i was shocked i seemed to be the only one watching. There was a drink/food area next to the stage, and it had shade, so there could have been people watching from there. They were both awesome, and i loved Ivy's tattoos, what i could make out.

There was a parade (at noon? i forget) and i *loved* these people. The queen (maybe? Not sure) was hilarious all day, and these horse riders were too funny. Very Alice in Wonderland.

He's like a dragon
Fire breather in a Utilikilt. (side note, sad to recently find out mine don't fit anymore, ugh, i need to get in shape). Love shots like this, the fire looks so cool, with so much texture. Got two good shots of him doing his thing.

Loved this couple, but my timing sucked, every time i could get a shot, she had her eyes closed or someone walked in front and they then moved away. Why do i like them so much? I can't say. Just do.

Dragon man
Loved this guy too, he was interacting with the patrons, being silly and very funny.

I adore ren fest fairies, sadly no Twig Oaklyn Flewinia Thistlebottom, but these ones were fun and lovely. They waved and smiled a lot to me, and i think i got some good shots of them, would have liked more of the one in green, loved her wings.

My favorite royal
Again, how awesome? Heh, loved the shoes/socks. This was during a thing where different groups presented to the king and queen, but this character was hamming it up the whole time. ;)

Awesome costume and character. That is all.

Gypsy Guerrilla Band
Loved their music.

marriage procession
Goofy 'marriage' of Maid Marrian (played by a guy and hamming it up) and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Ogre, troll?
This guy also rocked, was totally in character and his costume rocked. It was also at this point that i started feeling 'wrong'. I don't know if it was the heat (near 90F), being out of shape and walking up and down a lot of hills, but i was standing there and started to feel like i was about to pass out. So i decided to call it a day and head back home. I was hot, sweaty, and probably very stinky at this point, and as i found later, sunburnt on my forearms.

Headed home, decided to take a more leisurely pace home, and stayed off the interstate taking Hwy 29 back instead. Nice drive, little traffic, and saw a hobbit house (not really, but it was a lot like one), sadly had someone on my tailgate so i didn't feel safe stopping. I'll have to head back that way and try and get a shot of it someday. Speaking of heading back, i am actually thinking of going back to the ren fest again, it is supposed to be a good 20 degrees cooler, but still nice, so i would be able to handle it better. Plus it's only about an hour away, so not too bad a drive. I'll have to think about that.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Movie Night - May 14th, 2011

Movie night! Hazzaa! (no reason for that, just because.)

Doctor Who The Doctor's Wife
   Must have been expensive, that's for sure. Felt very Neil Gaiman, and less Doctor Who, not bad, just more his type of fantasy and imagination. As for comic writers i'd be even more curious what they would do with him, Grant Morrison or Alan Moore, but i could see what stories those two would write would give kids (and adults probably) nightmares. ;)

The Book of Eli
   Kind of sick of brown with a bit of brown and a bit more brown end of world fiction. While i get the motivation, it's far from realistic, people would clean at least a little, and even 30 years after Mt. St. Helens, life is back there. Even around Chernobyl there is life. As was said during the movie "Please tell me they don't just live in the desert." That's one of my problems with post apocalypse movies that don't go into what it was or affected, too vague of motivations, and more feeling of "they didn't do the research" about it, true or not it makes you doubt it more, and then the characters. Ah well.

Soul Survivors
   We didn't finish, got bored about half an hour into it...

Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
   Shouldn't have made us bored or not afraid to sleep, almost put us to sleep actually. Ah well. If you are going to remake something, make it special, good, different, or worth watching.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Movie Night - May 7th, 2011

Movie night for May 7th, and a rare one with all the usuals, and a horrible, horrible, horrible, movie.

Doctor Who, The Curse of the Black Spot
   I keep wanting to type "Curse of the Black Pearl" due to Pirates of the Caribbean, which this episode did have the feeling of. Kind of felt like an odd filler, but i guess Amy Pond in pirate gear can make anything better. Was it a shout out to her strippergram... i mean "kissagram" past? ;)
   Unrelated to this episode, i can't stop thinking of the Silence aliens as the Psycho Pirate, but then i felt a lot of big crisis of last season was a lot like Infinite Crisis with the cracks being similar to Superboy's retcon punch (also called punching time).

Psychoville, Episode 1 of series 2
   I love this show so much, it's just so out there. Clown funeral, "Silent singer", and much, much more that i am always at a loss for words about how strange it was. Strange but very, very awesome.

The Children
   Made of awesome. While i generally consider most kids evil anyway, not a surprise seeing them being so (not really a spoiler, it's in the name, heh), and yet they still freaked me out big time. Very well done, didn't feel the need to explain much, just ran with it, and pulled no punches.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror
   So, so, so bad. Only made watchable by having friends to watch and mock it with. Bad production values, bad acting, bad sound, bad everything. What more can i say? "I hear a mountain lion!" I better get onto the next movie.

This is better than a trailer, really.

   The description really doesn't do this movie justice, it was much, much better than you'd think. Slow paced, but never really slow, always engaging and the actors always kept you interested in where things would go.

(curious why Delerium is in the trailer but don't remember it being in the movie, not a big deal, just confusing, although Sarah McLachlan is.)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bunnies are fickle.


I swear, these bunns enjoy messing with me, especially Jerry lately. He's a bit sick, when i took him for his checkup he had a pretty high fever and a rattle in his chest. (along with a larger lump that just turned out to be a benign fat deposit, is he saving it up? heh) So the vet gave me some meds for him, one with one dose a day, and one with two doses a day. First couple of days, it was cake. All i had to do was fill the syringe, and call him, and he'd come running and lap it all up quickly and politely. The last day and a half, not so easy. He sniffs it, turns his head, and runs away. I had to pick him up, hold him, and stick it in his mouth hoping he would lap it up. Frustrating, to say the least, that was amplified by his great behavior before. The last dose was not so bad though. I sat down, he kept coming over and sniffing it, and turning away rejecting it. I told him "No treats until you take your medicine." Not long after he behaved and took his dose. So he got a treat. Hopefully he learned, and it will be easy the rest of the time. He goes back in a little over a week to get a recheck, hopefully the meds will have done their work, and my old bunny (he's at least 7 or 8, probably older, as i got him from the humane society when he was fully grown, but they found him running around outside, so who knows how old he is) will be better.

I love these guys (even though only one out of four is a guy, heh), even though they get expensive when sick, they deserve it more than anything.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie Night - April 16th, 2011

Movie night for April 16, and since it was the day before my birthday i got a bunch of Indian Food to share from India Palace over in Woodbury. I was pretty impressed how busy they were, almost no free seats at around 5:30, but it is great Indian food, and a saturday, so it's understandable. Since we had Indian food, we started with an Indian movie.

   An Indian superhero, with parts of Superman and parts of Batman, and song and dance numbers. Kept kind of shifting feeling, but at three hours, plenty of time to do things.

Night of the Comet
   One of my favorites from the 80s, and Catherine Mary Stewart, so pretty (still), and probably her character is one of, if not the first, great female characters, especially in horror. After taking women and film at the university, i wished there was a women and horror class, would do a good job of destroying the stereotype of woman hating horror (although to be fair, there is quite a bit of that too, but it makes the good more important to watch).

Deadman Wonderland episode 1
   One of my favorite current manga, now an anime, and very well done. Just wish it wasn't censored so much, although having read the manga i can use my imagination to know what is there. Still, annoying.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai  episode 1
   Oh the name, so long, heh. Was worried it was going to a bad place before the credits, but got hints that the girl was a ghost (or something) in the credits and confirmed right after. Definitely one i didn't expect to want to watch, but now on my must watch one.

Maria Holic (i forget if this was the first of the new season or what, don't know the show too well)
   Interesting, a bit too crazy with the subs, and so much going on, not to mention it was getting late, that it made my brain hurt.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Movie Night - April 9th, 2011

Movie Night, obviously.

Batman the Brave and the BoldThe Malicious Mr. Mind!
   Have i mentioned how much i love this version of Batman? Probably, but i'll do so again, especially when it seems everything else is so focused on dark and gritty, fun for the sake of fun is good, and they do it so well.

X-Men anime episode 1
   Still being a decent X-Men fan, i'm impressed with this, although the Japanese voices are a bit immersion breaking, having been so used to English speaking ones. Will probably prefer this once the re-dubbing is done, but will most likely watch them in Japanese anyway before hand. Have to say the design of the sentinels are freaking me out, in a good way.

Nichijou Episode 1
   God i love this show so much, so random and crazy, with the Rule Of Funny being the seemingly only rule. Nice break when i need a laugh and something silly. Possibly can break some peoples brains though.

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka Episode 12
   Another show i love, and the last episode for a bit, sure took a strange turn here, heh. A trip to a pool, idols competing (the idols being zombie ninjas and magical girls), and a voiced wish gone ecchi.

Sengoku Otome ~Momoiro Paradox~ Episode 1
   That's no campfire, heh. I'm a bit confused here, curious where this one is going, and why Oda Nobunaga  is a female, not to mention the talking dog in a helmet.

Tiger & Bunny Episode 1
   There are going to be sooo many toys made from this show, heh. Another fun one, not really making any pretense so far other than what it is it seems.

Hana-Saku Iroha Episode 1
   So damn pretty, more a slice of life, although a life i wouldn't envy. No clue where this story will go, but i'm sure i'll be curious to find out, as the animation, art and story were very, very well done.

Kimi Ni Todoke
    Ended on a live action Japanese movie that was cute, funny and touching (i can be such a girl sometimes, heh).

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Movie Night - April 2nd, 2011

Didn't get this last night, just crashed right out. So here it is now. Almost all Japanese shows.

Batman: The Brave and BoldBat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!
    Awesome. Done in different styles, sixties or seventies style anime and Scooby Doo. Reminded me of "Legends of The Dark Knight" which took stories from the comics and did them in different styles with different Batman voices, a section of which i am putting in below.

part of the actual episode we watched:

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka: Episode 11
   Story seemed to wrap up, with one episode left of Korean Zombie Desk Car (i love that, heh).

The Ancient Dogoo Girl: Episode 1 and 2
   Oh my, this was odd. ;) The preview below doesn't even get close to the crazy of this show.

Nodame Cantabile Episodes 1-4
   Very cute show, poor Nodame getting hit so much though (not as serious as it sounds, but would probably never pass here). So much classical music, it's still in my head. ;)

Had a hell of a time finding something from the episodes we watched, so here is something from later.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Movie Night - March 26th, 2011

Batman the Brave and the Bold: Battle of the Superheroes
    I love this show so much, a lovely throwback to the old batman show and silver age comics. Also, Superman being a dick.

Wolverine (anime version)
   Interesting seeing how Japan interprets the character, and pretty impressive that he actually uses the claws for what you'd expect, bloody death. Also had a good deal of decent things from the comics (A.I.M., Madripoor, etc.) Not as bad as i was expecting, curious how it goes, and also curious about the X-Men anime that is coming soon.

Kore wa zombie desu ka? Episode 10
   What is with the trend of Japanese things to get all serious after a while? Even goofy shows like this, not that i'm complaining a lot, but it confuses me.

Gokusen Episode 1
   Fun! A teacher, who comes from a Yakuza background, takes on a class of delinquents. Definitely want to see the rest of this one.

Maid in Akihabara Episode 1
   That was... something. Short, and pretty bad production values, and confusing as hell. Although it did help us understand the last movie of the night.

Hard Revenge Milly
   Someone aired their demo reel? Short, but felt much longer, much, much longer. So little happening, although the bit at the end where she opens her jacket, that was amusing. If the rest of the movie would have been like that, might have been more worth watching. Still can't believe there is a sequel.

In this trailer, you get the whole story, and most of the action. I wish i was kidding.

How to Date an Otaku Girl
    Not sure why it's named differently on imdb, or why it's rated low. I loved it, even if it did get more serious and down near the end. Watch after the credits too, they must have known what we were thinking. ;)

Couldn't find a trailer, but here is a clip

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ore no Imouto

Another anime i watched a little while ago, from a couple seasons ago, is Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai, which translates pretty much to "There's No Way My Little Sister Can Be This Cute". I know what you're probably thinking, it's a hentai, you're wrong, mostly. The sister is a female Otaku, and is hiding it from her family, and her brother finds out about it, and helps her meet people with similar interests, and she teaches him about her hobby. I'm horrible at summing up stories, as you can probably tell. The boxes of the eroge are all mostly real life games, some of which i've played, but not all, so it's an added bit of otaku seeing themselves in the characters. 

The opening titles, which change for each episode, sometimes hilariously, sometimes subtly, and it's even sort of lapshaded in the show.

A preview video of sorts:

One thing that i find absolutely awesome is that the show sticks with the game theme by having different endings. The series proper has one ending, the 'good ending', then a special with the 'true ending', and another special witch hasn't aired yet, but i'm guessing a 'bad ending'. They even had the choices pop up on screen at the main decision points. Pretty neat.

A video showing the various opening changes, not really any spoilers, but dizzying if you aren't prepared for it.

Basically, this is awesome, it's lighthearted, and pretty damn funny in lots of areas, more so if you are an otaku or 'get' the jokes. It also joins the ranks of Genshiken and Welcome to the N.H.K. as an anime about and for the otaku, both of which are released in the states on DVD already, and worth watching.

Funny thing is how "There's no way my XX can't be this XX" has been a meme in Japan, with several hilarious jokes and images made. ;)

Myojo Ippeichan Yakisoba Japanese Style Noodles.

Temporally skipping a couple i've eaten between this and the last one, mostly because it's just so damn good. So i bring you.... Myojo Ippeichan Yakisoba Japanese Style Noodles. (dramatic eh?)

Printed on a plastic wrapper, but thankfully instructions also on the lid.

So many packets, wow...

Put in dried veggies and boiling water, wait, then drain out the water through this handy drain that is actually quite sturdy. 

Put in powder stuff, liquid sauce, and drizzle the mustard mayo on the top. 

I was a bit worried about the mayo, and it being too strong or "odd", but it was perfect really, added just enough extra. The funny thing is, all i can ever think when i hear "mustard mayo" or similar is the video below. I do have to say though, this is one of my absolute faves, and it doesn't look like it in the photos, but it's substantial and filling in addition to be tasty.