Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Zack update

So i got him to the vet today. Dr. Anna thought he was really skinny too, and gave him a good look over. At first she thought it was his teeth, he has a couple spurs that might rub against his teeth, so we planned on putting him under so they could be smoothed out. I waited with him in the waiting room, and she came back and asked me into the room to talk to me. I knew something was wrong, usually she just tells me the blood looks good. She tells me his kidneys are going, and at some point he must have "suffered an insult" to his kidneys. She explained that meant that he might have eaten something bad, but since my house is pretty bunny proofed, and there are no plants he can eat, it might have happened before he got here. He was one that the humane society found outside, and that makes it harder to know his history or age. She also said he was bugging his eyes out while doing his nails and checking him out, he was terrified. Poor bunny. He's been freaking out a lot this week actually, bugging eyes, and hiding a lot.

So here is what is planned, every day for several days, he goes to the vet and gets fluids injected under his skin so if he's not drinking it will help flush out toxins his kidneys can't handle. Nothing will 'cure' him though, he's only really only getting worse. She said that on tuesday she'll see him again, see how he's doing. Possibly x-ray him to see what else is going on, or if something hidden is really going on besides or in additionally to his kidneys. She said if he needs surgery, he would need to be stronger as he most likely wouldn't survive it in his state.

So that's where we are now. I'm a wreck. He's been with me longer than most (or all, not sure on exact times) girlfriends, and has been a great companion. He's also been with Kitty as long, and she freaked a little when i put him in the carrier. When we came home, she looked scared until Zack hopped out of the carrier. Then she ran over to him and started grooming him.

I don't want him to suffer, but i am so worried it will come down to a choice between having him put to sleep or being in pain longer. I don't know if i can make that choice, but may have to. That's part of the reason my parents didn't choose me for their living will, i have a hard time saying goodbye to those i love.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

poor zack

Man this sucks. Something is wrong with Zack, and i have no clue. He's lost a ton of weight, pretty quickly too. He eats, a little at a time. I've tried baby food, something me and my ex tried with Alex when he had an abscess in his jaw. Worried it's something like that, because i'm not sure how that turned out, and the vet said his was too bad to operate on, and he probably wouldn't survive that. I'm also worried there is a cancer or something. I have no idea. He's so tiny, he used to be so pudgy and such. Now when i hold him he's so fragile feeling. He's still strong, as he tries to get down and pushes my hand and arm out of the way. He's an awesome bunny, and i wish he could just tell me whats wrong, and how to help him. Tomorrow he goes to the vet, hopefully it's something easy to fix and he will be back to old zack again. I'm terrified i'll have to choose between him just getting worse or putting him to sleep. I don't know if i could make that decision. I don't want him to suffer, but i also swore i would never hurt him or let anyone else do so.

I'm also worried about Kitty, her and Zack are bonded and great together. She doesn't get along with any of the others, in fact they fight a lot if together. I'm worried she will get depressed without Zack. I've seen that, so don't pretend animals don't miss companions when they pass.

This is the worst part of having pets, and loving them so damn much.

Unless you have one of those pets that live much longer than we do, that's a whole other problem.