Saturday, January 08, 2011

Movie Night - January 8th, 2011

Shorter Movie night tonight, couple of us were knackered. Was fun watching the kiddo playing with the Dalek, even though it was late for Christmas. Daleks are cool, everyone should have one.

   Pretty cool marionette puppet story told in a very interesting and original way. Interesting trivia from that page, it was inspired by September 11, didn't really see that, but got a lot of other social symbolism. Released in 2004, i just heard about this not long ago. Kind of surprised, really surprised actually as i love puppets and such.

Dirk Gently
   Yep, the one adapted from the Douglas Adams story. Odd fact, my brain always reads "Gently" as "Gentry", not sure why that is. It's annoying though. Seems that this got poor reception. This seems to be a one off so far, and it's been so long since i read the original that i liked it well enough for me to watch more of it. I remembered enough of the main story that the "revelation" was no surprise to me, but the humor was fun enough that i kept wanting to go along for the ride.

Peep Show, Season 7
  Most of the episodes from it. Skipped a couple, but watched most. Love this show, even if you feel embarrassed for the main characters and their choices.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Riding the Synchronicity Highway

So yeah, synchronicity and i have a weird relationship. Part of which related to Rosemary's Baby which i will talk about (always said i was going to, so here is what i'm ready to reveal so far). Not sure where to start or where to work from, and this will probably sound like crazy rambling, but oh well, i find it interesting.

To start, my name at the adoption agency (and given to them by my birth mother) was Andy. Unknown to my adoptive parents, who name me Andrew. Tie in to Rosemary's Baby here as that was the male name she was going to give her son, the movie having been released 1968, two years before my birth. (not as tight a connection there, but that was the birth year of my birth sister, who wasn't put up for adoption.) Another odd connection, numerology wise both names (Andy, and my full name with middle here that was given to my by my adoptive parents) adds up to 8 each. From what i can gather, there is some "weirdness" with my birth father, and his family, at least what i've been able to find out. Have i also mentioned i was born with a tail? This was newer information to me, as i don't see back there very often, and only when asked by a doctor a while ago, did i find out. Yeah, i know they aren't "tail" tails, but there ya go. There's more, but not things i'm sure i really want to talk about here right now on this part. (oh and look what's on now, Rosemary's Baby in HD, heh)

Another interesting synchronicity that i find fascinating, i had a daughter years ago with a girl name Rosemary, and we had to put her up for adoption. I saw the adoptive parents once, she met with them several times to see if they would be good parents, in the type of place she wanted (a small town, closer to somewhere bigger), but one of the rules was we couldn't know names or places (even partial area). Cut to me moving here to be with girl i was seeing seriously and wanting to get out of LaCrosse. I had thought about moving to a larger metro area, San Fran, Chicago, or even in Minneapolis or Saint Paul, instead i move here. I then started frequenting a shop here in town, pretty much at random, and a girl working there had familiar eyes. Rose had distinctive eyes, several colors in each one, this girl also had them. Her name was the one Rose gave her, and i started to wonder. I couldn't ask her, as she wasn't old enough, and legally i'm not allowed to, she has to want to find me. There were doubts, until i saw her parents. Same people, they didn't recognize me, as when they saw me, i was just waiting, not with Rose, and was dressed pretty goth punk at the time. I was also much thinner and younger, but that's neither here nor there. So yeah, out of all the places i could have moved, i moved to where she was. (side note, i feel old, she's what, 19 now? Miss you, but god i was a mess back then, to say the least.)

Those are the biggies, there are smaller ones obviously, like the times i buy things, and i have only the exact change in my pockets, weather on significant days, etc. That's all part of magick isn't it though? Taking the path of least resistance, getting it done.

Yeah, i'm sure i sound like a nutter, i don't care. Just in a weird place mentally, felt like sharing.