Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Got Jerry to the vet, one of my favorite people, mostly because she's pretty, takes care of the bunnies, and they like her too. (winning combination right there, heh) If was funny, she mentioned talking to the receptionist about how it's been a while since i've been in and then i called. Basically it's just been a while since i've gotten any of them in for their check ups and such, last year blew, for damn near everyone i know. Dr. Anna also said she lost some people last year, man, did anyone 'not' loose someone?? Anyway, Jerry was grunty and sneezy, so got worried, but his blood was clear, and he's been like this for a while, and it comes and goes. So she said to just keep an eye on him and make sure he eats, which he does. His weight was down from 9lbs, to 8.9lbs. So not really at all, which was a good sign, no change really. So yeah, great story, it was windy and cold out though, so that's something.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quick shoot thoughts

Now for a quick run down of the shoot and my thoughts. Got there "early", 15 minutes before it said doors open for photographers. I was one of the last, and had a semi annoying spot, with no outlet. Wouldn't have been so bad if i hadn't forgotten my power stip, along with my pocket wizard (and other things, just too focused on the weather and spaced some things). *sigh* Luckily i had my Speedlight 430ex, sync cord and umbrella. It just determined the lighting i could use when i didn't have the grace of people letting me borrow theirs. I was afraid that it was going to be too cold in there, but with all the people and a big heat unit, i was actually too hot, and the cool air outside was a nice break at times. The models probably didn't feel the same though, but only a couple braved it out there with other photographers. Lots of awesome body painters, with some jaw dropping art, amazing models, and photographers who put me to shame. I tried to knock my shyness down and actually talk to people, which i did a bit. I had worked out in my head how to direct models and spent time studying how to do it. When it came time though, i froze. I was too afraid of saying or doing the wrong things, so i just said nothing and stammered when i did talk. Damn it. There was one model who was especially patient with me, and i give her credit. Most were awesome, with being understanding and all that. That's all i'm going to say about that. I fell humbled with the elaborate set ups most people had, and me with just an umbrella and flash with available light as fill. I think i got some awesome photos, but now the self doubt is kicking in, what if i really do suck and none of them are good? Gah, i need to stop that, but it's hard to fight. After taking pictures of the bunnies, who are awesome models as every picture of them looks good (hee), working with people is so damn different. I now have over 500 photos to go through, find the best, edit, all that. I may post one or two over on my 'other' photography site here, (do i have enough blogs here, lol) just to get opinions and show how pretty some the models and body art was. Quick thing i wanted to say, there were these headdresses made by one, and they were stunning just sitting on the shelf. I just wanted to get out a macro lens and get photos of them up close. Heh, yeah, i'm wondering if that's where my real passion in photography is, i seem to go crazy with macro. So it also got me wondering if i'm jaded or what, surrounded by many gorgeous girls who were walking around naked, here i am looking at the equipment, artists and one of the cute make-up artists cute hoodie with cat ears. Well, i can't say i live a boring life. ;)

Anyway, off to sort through them, this may take a while. ;)

edit: Hey Andy, there is a thing called Paragraphs, lol. ;)

Before i forget, because i just might.

So, non-photoshoot stuff i want to go over.

• On the way out of town (by the old harley dealership, just past, not far, if you know the area), saw a gorgeous bald eagle standing on the side of the road eating something. I would have stopped and gotten pictures, but camera was in trunk and i was being tail gaited by a semi. Boo. Still, love seeing how big and pretty they are.

• Expected weather to be bad on the way down, nope, roads clear and dry. On the way back though, completely different story. Fog with visibility from a mile to .1 a mile. Snow in spots, rain in spots, drizzle in spots. Cars in ditches, people tailgating, speeding or doing that thing where they pull right in front of you. Ugh.

• First hotel i stopped at seemed seedy as hell, so i kept looking. Ended up at a better one only a mile from the shoot. Nice. The Days Inn by Watertown was better, so i'm glad i decided to try and get closer to Madison on the way back.

• A very random thing, while trying to fall asleep, flipping through channels, stopped on Three's Company for some reason. The scene i stopped on was a dead rip off of a Faulty Towers part. Beat, for beat. Shameless. It was the one where a restaurant critic came. I had the sound down, so i couldn't tell if the words were the same, but ugh, he was even acting like John Cleese did, not like how his character was. I know, don't expect much out of it, but still, shameless.

• Another tv thing, while waking up before the shoot, America's Next Top Model  was having a marathon, which i found funny, and was trying to let it inspire me. Just have to say, Tyra is nuts, and not in a good way. In a way that you see someone doing things and you feel embarrassed for. I'm not sure how much of that was a character she puts on, but wow. Fyi, it was the season with Creepy Chan, who is adorable, if not alien. Odd show that.

• Nothing like one's own bed, hotel beds suck and they hurt my back. Yeah, i know, it could be worse, but it's fun to complain. Speaking of hurting, wtf did i do to my left heel?? Hurts like hell, no marks, but where the tendon connects to the heel is like someone hit it with a hammer. Ouch. I don't remember hitting it on anything, so hmm...

I keep feeling like there was something else, but my brain is broken. I'll go over the shoot later, but suffice to say it was very interesting. I have about 500 pictures to transfer and go through, so that will take a while, but i also want to take a nap in my own bed or a bath before i do that.