Saturday, January 01, 2011

Movie Night - December 31, 2010

Sort of a New Years Eve party, with movies, so technically a movie night. ;)

Assault Girls
  From one of the reviews: "The only reason to watch this is because it has three hot Japanese babes in it." I'm guessing that's true, we only made half way through it, was just too boring really, and kind of pointless. Maybe someday i'll watch it again, it's barely over an hour, but who knows. Side note, at first i thought it was related to Avalon, but i'm not sure. Plus, why are they speaking broken english, with subtitles?? It's immersion breaking damn it. :P

Love Phobia
   South Korean romantic comedy, (get used to that term, heh) which was very good. I have to say they seem to know how to make great ones, they usually have chemistry that ours lack, and other things that i should probably hold of saying as it might spoil the plots, which usually take many twists and turns.

(couldn't find one with english subs, so yeah)

Two Faces of My Girlfriend
   Yeah, we watched this before, but one hadn't seen it, and after the previous one, we kind of wanted to watch it again. It's that good. :)

(again with no english trailer, good at least)

How Not to Live Your Life: Last two episodes of season 3
   Still love this show, and i love how even though it can be a crude comedy, it has great characters and development. Now to wait a long, long time for season 4. :(

(random clip from series 3, heh)