Wednesday, January 01, 2014

My Year in Photos 2013

Been a while since i've done a blog post here, but figured i'd keep up doing a year in photos thing. It's really shown me that i need to get shooting again, i miss it, but have felt so bad with doctor's visits and such that i haven't been up to it much. Hopefully this whole thing will get worked out and i can get back to fun shooting. Here's hoping for a better 2014.

   Only one real shoot in January, and it was cold as sin out, was afraid my car wasn't going to start at all to make it, and when i did get there, i found my 5D Mark 2 had dead batteries, so it was all infrared. Not a terrible thing, but Not what i was planning on.

   Nothing in this month other than Butters going through his first huge molt. Yikes.

   Much more here, Drag show, bunnies, nature, and two model shoots. Think i'm going to have to go with the drag show though, even though though the Stephy C shoot has gotten the most hits on flickr. Surprise, shooting a playboy model gets views. ;)

   There was Unity in the Community, but i am going to have to go with the macarons i got myself for my birthday. The Earl Grey tea ones were heavenly, and i love the photo i took of them. 

   Not many photos, and i'll spare the injured toe photos, when things started going wrong, as it got infected and just didn't stop for months of antibiotics. Ugh. So instead, a photo of the freak blizzard we got, not long before we got unseasonably warm temps. Crazy spring. 

  Not much this month, but did get out, even though i felt like hell. Not a good sign for the months to come, that's for sure. Did get a beach shoot in during a heat wave, which made me not feel good even more. 

   Lots of minor random photos, but of course Freakfest is going to take the lead. Lots of people i care about that i haven't seen in ages, and miss.

   Seven photos all month? Yikes. Yep, sign of things to come. This is my favorite of that month though. Baby squirrels. 

   Not much this month either, but how can i not post this photo, of the two poopers being cute?

   Start of the many, many doctor visits, but did get out to the fall drag show, even if i'm not exactly happy with the photos. I was coming down with a flu or cold that lasted a week after going, so that was fun. The show was, but not the sick. There was also the Falcon's Got Talent thing a week before, but i still prefer the drag show. 

   Pretty much only Culture Fest. It was fun, but body wasn't happy with me. On the way out, i got recognized by one of the dancers from previous events, that was funny. She saw the photos on flickr, and she said "I think you've taken photos of me, i've seen them on flikr." Not in a bad way thankfully. I still got pretty nervous though, i always worry people will hate the photos i take of them. 

   Ten photos, and most are of crows. Shocker.