Friday, December 05, 2008

Damaged goods

I've been watching Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, even though i don't do drugs, i've known enough people who did them and it's interesting to hear Dr. Drew talk about things. One of the people mentioned feeling like damaged goods, and sometimes i understand that feeling even though i haven't gone the drugs route. Something sad is that Amber Smith totally reminds me of Jodi, in looks, addiction, and all that. Watching it i kind of wonder if she had better support that maybe she could have gone a better direction, and hearing some of the things Dr. Drew says makes me see that i could have been better to her, more so near the end. Although i can't keep beating myself up over that, she made her choices, i didn't have as much influence as i keep thinking over her. You can only help someone who really wants the help and is ready for it. Anyway, back to damaged goods, which i am feeling sort of like. I keep trying to tell myself it's the women who don't see the good and not me they are rejecting, but then reality hits me with it's cricket bat. People want the easy way, no matter how much i stand by, wow, i could go into this, but the last two relationships had things i stood by which in hindsight i probably shouldn't have. Not bitter, but wondering why i do that while others won't even give the chance for me. Hmm.. this is getting emo. Sorry about that. Nothing too special has been going on otherwise, still importing cds, up to 450 now. Bunnies are goofy. It's cold and snowy out, but decently warm inside. Listening to podcasts and looking at websites about photography to try and inspire me. Still wanting a new Canon 5d Mark II, badly. That camera is sweet looking, but backordered big time, and i don't know if i can swing it. At least i have the previous version 5d, it's still good. Going to go now, hasn't this been an informative blog? ;)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Snowing hard out

It's snowing really hard out there, i can't tell how deep it is, but it looks pretty thick. I love how snow looks, really i do, but roads get bad and people drive stupidly, and then there is the fact of removing it all from drives and walks. I forgot to re-up the snow removal contract i had previously, so hopefully i will be able to get them to come do it. They come out if the snow fall is over a certain amount, which helps as the plow loves to put a huge pile of hard snow right at the end of my drive. Being on a cul-de-sac doesn't help that, right here is where the snow goes, either right on top of the fire hydrant (good one) or against the light pole that blocks more of my driveway. Could be worse, but i see why older people from here move down south, you get tired of dealing with snow, roads, cars not starting, all that fun. Speaking of which, i went to the bank today, and my window was froze shut, wouldn't go down for a while. (not going to make a pun there, lol. oh wait, did i just?) I don't mind the cold as much as some people seem to, growing up in cold and having to walk everywhere (up hill, both ways) must have gotten me used to it. Oh well, still have issues with it. 

On another note, this cd importing is taking ages. I've done nine boxes of cds, each box holds roughly thirty cds or so, and i have eight or so boxes to do, not counting box sets and odd shaped ones. It's interesting to see what i forgot i used to love and even some i forgot i had. Which reminds me, i really want a Drobo or two, one for photos and one for mp3s. Pretty neat storage system, hot swapping drives with four bays, any size drives too. Hard drive crashes suck. The gigabit ethernet addon looks sweet too, being able to share across all computers easily seems sweet. 

Feel like i'm in a funk but can't put a finger on it. Not sure why or where it came from, but it's annoying. My sleep schedule is all over the map, i keep falling asleep at odd hours and sleeping through things i don't want to. I also keep waking up at midnight and not being able to sleep until the sun comes up, which sucks as my shades in the bedroom don't block a whole lot of light, and it shines right in. If i try to normal it out, it just skews more annoying hours. What is up with that? Hope i'm not getting sick or something. 

Monday, December 01, 2008

Silly me

I must have been feeling frisky or something, earlier tonight i had part of a glass of gewerstraminer and then when i got home after a while i decided i "needed" a couple of white russians. (Long story that has no point where this morning i went out and got vodka and kahlua, i don't know either)
What i had forgotten was that my meds do odd things with alcohol and my body. They were drunken slowly, but
it seems to have made me funny in the head, more so than normal i am guessing. It also made me quite warm feeling.
I drink maybe once or twice a year with this amount. A glass a month is a lot for me, more a social drinker, although
now i'm going to have to rethink that too. I don't know what the point of this post is really, i'm still a little loopy, which
could be obvious as i'm posting at 5 am, and Google Chrome is probably going to mess this post up too. :P

Misleading Trailers

So after seeing a trailer for a movie called Special, i saw it was going to be on and tivo'd it. It wasn't a bad movie, but the trailer made it look more like a comedy and it felt almost anything but. Very melancholy and pretty tragic. I hate when whoever makes the trailer makes it look like a different genre or mood. Although i do love it when people remix trailers to be something else, but that's not meant to give an idea of the movie. There have just been too many trailers that do that, and i'm not even going into the ones that give the whole movie away or have only the best jokes. I'm not saying i could do it better, but someone should be able to at least.