Friday, November 28, 2008

Cleaning and thinking too much

Currently cleaning the computer room, have been a lot actually, but it's pretty messy with cords everywhere. Been doing that while importing cds back into iTunes after a hard drive crash, instead of just sitting and waiting. Sadly it hasn't kept my mind from going bad places. Kind of obvious where, but oh well. Thanksgiving wasn't anything special here, besides spoiling bunnies with spring mix with herbs. Talked to my mom and dad, which was nice, but sad he's got tooth trouble too. Something about a cavity under a cap, yikes. I had a subway sandwich i got yesterday and some moon pies. Some day i will have to go into my big oops purchase of moon pies online where i didn't notice the quantities button. Good thing i have been craving them like my life depended on it. I should warn you now, if its not too late, this is going to be a rambling post. I had a lot i was going to ramble on, but i kind of forgot it mostly, not sure why or where it went. Kind of also wondering what i'm going to be doing for Christmas, looks like the family isn't doing a big gathering this year and thats something that is going to be falling back too with each of my other siblings and their kids starting their own traditions. It's kind of been like that for a few years now, with me traveling to my brothers house as it's only about six hours away, although now that my sister is closer, she's close to the same. Kind of sucks big time not having anyone special to do these things with. Something that also sucks is when family is around and you've been single for so long, you always get asked by everyone when you are going to find a girl and settle down, or if you are seeing anyone, all that crap. Not fun. Not good times. No offense to my friends who do have that, but it's also kind of third wheel feeling when you are the only single one at big occasions too. Hard to explain though. Maybe it's just me. I did warn you this post was rambling. 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Couldn't sleep

I couldn't sleep so i ended up watching a couple movies. I made the mistake of the first movie being 1408, not that it was a bad movie, but not one to try to sleep after watching. After that i watched Bigger, Stronger, Faster, which wasn't really what i thought would be like. Sort of more sympathetic with steroids, although not a bad documentary though. Not sure why i can't really sleep, probably just too much on my mind, so i thought i would try and get some of them out here. Worried about a friend of mine too, she doesn't sound like she is doing too hot, down with family for Thanksgiving. Ironically (probably using it wrong) down near where my sister now lives. I'm kind of regretting not going to my sisters for Thanksgiving, so i could be there for her, but with a seven or so hour drive one way it's just not a quick trip. I worry about my friends when they have troubles, and i know she has family issues, so i'm worried about her. Hopefully i haven't said anything that would upset her more.
Speaking of Thanksgiving, here is something i wouldn't mind seeing on my table. (nsfw) His other photographs are pretty awesome too, and envy his talent (and ability to photograph beautiful women, duh). I do miss having those Thanksgivings years ago where all those who didn't want or couldn't go to family, coming over for videogames, music, good fun food, and just hanging out. Sort of like a Freak Family Thanksgiving. ;) My plans for the day? Probably resting during most of it, watching movies, videogames, and what i do most of the time really. 
Totally unrelated, i got a new bunny carrier today, and left it open on the floor by the food bin. Kitty keeps going into it and sitting in there a lot. Pretty funny. It's a normal pet carrier type, where a gate opens on the front and the top can be lifted off too. The other ones i have are nice, but the bunnies keep chewing the fabric apart. Kitty has been adorable all day really, very affectionate, grooming Zack a ton, begging for snacks, and just being Kitty bunny. These bunns rock. Seriously. ;)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I was watching Gremlins 2 the other day, and imagining it as a true horror film, not a horror comedy. Gizmo is pretty freaky as is, if you really think about it and notice the details. He has very human fingers, and creepy features. Most other creatures on the planet get pleasure from reproducing, but not gizmo (it should be noted that it seems like the bad gremlins enjoy "budding", but gizmo seems to be in pain). There is a very creepy patricide thing going on when the other gremlins start to basically torture Gizmo, their parent. All around the bad gremlins seem to enjoy torture and other pretty bad behavior. Then there is the scene where the gremlins assimilate the DNA in the lab, opening up a whole Aliens type thing. Most of the lines in the movie could have just been acted differently and been pretty freaky, trust me, watch it with that in mind and it will be funny. 
Yes, i do have a too much free time on my hands. 
First post i guess. Just to get the ball rolling, seeing as i am growing to hate the myspace blog experience more and more. 
Mostly this blog will be my random thoughts and ideas about things, and probably the bunnies a lot too.