Saturday, August 04, 2012

Jerry Bunny

One of the very first images i took of Jerry after i got him.

Jerry passed away wednesday, even though i've lost total track of time since then and it feels like that's not the day, but it is. This loss has hit me the most, i can't really put it into words, but i'm devastated by this loss. Emily passing was a shock and surprise, and hurt a lot, but the other bunnies were around to help. Kitty was something i was building myself up to, still hurt, and miss her a lot, but knew it was coming. Jerry was surprising to me, even though he was over 10 years old, and expected someday, but not so soon after both Kitty and Emily. 

Jerry on the rug, Emily in the cage (she fought with Amanda, so they had to be separate when the other was playing). Black rug with a white bunny, that rug never stayed fur free. ;)

 I got Jerry from the Humane Society that used to be here at the end of 2004. They had caught him outside, someone had just let him go, probably when they tired of caring for him, which boggles my mind, beyond the fact that he was the sweetest bunny ever, and so affectionate. They named him Jerry after Jerry Garcia, since he was so mello and calm. He was good friends with everyone besides Kitty, who he got into a bad fight one time when she opened up her area and got out. He bit her pretty hard on the face, the only time i've ever seen him fight or bite. Not sure what set them off. Kitty has always been pretty territorial, but she was also found after someone let her go. He also didn't seem to get as well along with Zack, but seeing as Kitty and Zack were very well bonded, and always together, that kind of makes sense. 

One of my favorite photos of him. I was at the counter, and heard this odd nose, and saw this. So cute, he was digging and playing in the dirt. Made a little bit of mess, but how could i mind? 

Jerry seemed to have a good life here, two girlfriends, lots of room to run around (almost never in a cage, only when others he would fight with were out for safety), and plenty of good treats (not too many though). It was always sweet how he would like to sit by my feet in the kitchen, and greet me when i came down for the morning. It seems so empty here now, with only Amanda (who is depressed since he passed, she's avoiding the room he passed in, not playing, but she's eating, so that's good) around. Amanda has always been kind of the odd one, she's never been rough with me, but seems to not like me as much. She'll avoid me picking her up, touching her, etc. Love her tons, but it's funny how she is so strong headed, even after all these years. I am debating getting her a companion, but she's eight also, and she might not get along with them. I do know once she passes that it will be even more lonely here.