Thursday, December 06, 2012

Roo Bunny Butters

Now i'm living with just one bunny, Roo Bunny Butters, so named as my friend who brought him had already named him Butters, and another good friend send me and him mail calling him Roo Bunny Butters. He's a beautiful rex, way too smart for his own good and always trying to get in things and past baby gates.

Here he is on the chair i have in my library/living room. He hopped up there and was curious what i was doing with the camera.

Dancing like a manic. He bounces from a stand still straight up in the air, around three feet up sometimes. Very hard to catch on camera, but adorable.

One of his favorite spots, on the windowsill of the front window. He mostly goes up there during the day, and will sit there for hours, sometimes falling asleep.

A view of him from the outside, heh. How cute is this? Very. That's the answer.

So anyway, he makes me very happy now, and i honestly don't know what i would do without him. It was especially hard before he came, as i went to many humane societies around here and before he came, none of them had any bunnies. I might get him a companion at some point, but i want his health to be good and possibly get him fixed before that, even though if i do get another, they will most likely be fixed already.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Amanda Bunny

I had just realized i hadn't posted in quite some time, and didn't post about Amanda. Amanda passed not long after Jerry. She had a rough time with him passing, and she had stopped eating so i took her to the vet. He could tell something was very wrong with her, and after sedating her and getting x-rays, he saw that she had very advanced cancer that had spread to her lungs and stomach. He advised that she was in a lot of pain, and was having a hard time breathing, and it would be best to not let her wake up. My heart still breaks at this decision, she was the last of the four to pass over summer, but i want to share some good memories of her.

Here she is with Emily quite soon after i brought them home, look at how tiny they were! Little bunlets who got along for a good time, and then they got older and started fighting, which made me sad, but i've been told that female bunnies are the ones that get more territorial.

She used to love to jump up in the hay box and munch away for quite some time. It was pretty cute how she'd hang out in there for a while.

Her and Jerry were really great partners, and they would hang out in these boxes by the back door. Jerry passed away right next to this box actually, and Amanda avoided it after that. It was great how they got along though, perfect friends, always eager to be together, grooming each other, although some times Amanda would mount Jerry and try to hump him. He'd have none of it though, not getting angry but just hopping away until she gave up.

The last photo i took of her. She pretty much hung out under this stool after Jerry passed. She didn't play much if any at all. She'd rest her chin on the bar, and ignored treats. She was a great bunny, even if she wasn't ever too keen on me, probably because i had to separate her and Jerry so other bunnies could play.

There was a period of no bunnies here, and it was rough. Just too quiet, i kept looking for them even though i knew they weren't here anymore. I was getting pretty depressed too, not seeing much hope or anything. That is, until a friend had a stray bunny brought to her and she suggested bringing him up here for me. That bunny was Butters, who is awesome.