Saturday, March 20, 2010

Movie Night - March 20th, 2010

Movies, Chinese food, and just two of us. Sort of a horror night.

First Up Blood the Last Vampire:
   Wow, this almost put me to sleep, even with the nice lighting and cute girls. :P Also, what was with the really bad CGI blood?? It just didn't fit. Odd choice. Really should have been better than it was, sigh.

Next, Dead Birds:
   Should be called, "Walking in halls looking for stuff in the dark". There was also one dead bird, only one. (i get that they might have been symbolic, but i'm mad at them, heh)
Yep. :P

Then, Mum & Dad:
  Brutal. Not sure what i was expecting, but ouch. Better than the first two, but not as good as the next. Main protagonist looked like the lead of Being Erica, with a damn hard to place accent. Side note, i could swear i read a real case similar to this somewhere. Could also be called "Don't Go Home with Chavs". ;) Seemed like it was heading the torture porn route, but while rough, not as bad.

Lastly and most entertaining and bizarrely Embodiment of Evil
   Ah Brazil, this was out there, and fun. Should also be sponsored by BME, heh. Lots of real suspension and piercing. Went from funny, to freaky, to OMG!! I did just keep wanting to clip those damn nails though. ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bunny cave

It's been really nice and warm out, so i've had the windows and front door (screen though, so no bunns can get out) open while cleaning. I wondered where Zack had gone and went searching for him. He was hanging out on the stairs, in this spot that was like a little cave, books and such stacked up and a magazine roof going from them to the boots. He stayed on the stairs for hours, at least four. He would go up and down them, then back to this spot. I brought him some food while he was doing this, dry russell rabbit, some hay, and some baby food flavored apple and such. He eats in little spurts, five bites or so, when he can. From what the vet says, he isn't going to be getting many nutrients from his food though, and he's nauseous feeling a lot, but that as long as he's eating, he hasn't reached the final stages. He's skinny as hell, but still a fighter, pushes me out of his way with his nose. Silly pooper. Currently he's sitting behind me with Kitty, who has a skin condition that the vet can't quite figure out. Looks like dandruff. She's also gained a pound, which is kind of funny, as she was the smallest, but is now pudgy.

I also want to say how much i *hate* that carpet. It's a pain to clean, is ugly, and used to be more of the upstairs too. Someday i'll decide on what to do with those stairs and get rid of it. The bunnies seem to like it though, so there's that.