Monday, December 21, 2009

Dream in IR?

Okay, that was weird. Besides all the other weirdness of my dreams last night, there was a part that is messing with my head. I know people hate it when people tell them about their dreams, but this will be short, or at least i'll try. For some reason, i ended up in helicopter with some people i was friends with a while ago and piloted by some movie star i forget. That's not the weird part. I had this pair of "sunglasses" that in essence made it so i could see like digital IR photography. I saw that part of the dream in IR. It was weird. Not black and white mind you, but the colors and tints like the IR photos i have taken. I was looking at barns, fields, etc.

I won't even get into the stranger parts of the dream.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

stupid computer

Grrr... pointless rant time.

Stupid desktop computer. Alienware, not sure age, about a year or two old, and it keeps (few minutes, constantly) putting the monitor to sleep. Driving me up the fucking wall. Looked around and found it's probably the battery on the motherboard, but oh look, the clips that are supposed to hold the battery in aren't there. So replacing it would be pointless, as it won't stay in. I just ended up taking it out, and it stopped for a day, but is now doing it again. /sigh Another possible cause could be low power service to the house, seems to not like it having a bigger drain with so much being used at once. Had to get my service upgraded in my house in laCrosse, but i'm not sure i can do it here, or how much it will cost. Shouldn't have that issue in the first place as this house was built around 1980 and the other one much, much earlier, but then it seems so many corners were cut in this house it's not even funny.

Nothing like not being able to sleep, spending a friday night cleaning a bathroom, fighting with a computer, and generally being tired with everything. :P

I would really, really like for something to go right soon.

... and is it really christmas next week???

Where did this year go?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

days go by

You are still a whisper on my lips
A feeling at my fingertips
That's pulling at my skin

You leave me when I'm at my worst
Feeling as if I've been cursed
Bitter cold within

Days go by and still I think of you
Days when I couldn't live my life without you
Days go by and still I think of you
Days when I couldn't live my life without you

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Strange bunnies

I have strange bunnies. Take for example how when out, Jerry with either Emily or Amanda, depending on which is out with which, will go into the downstairs bathroom as soon as the sun starts coming up. They probably enjoy how it's dark in there, with no windows and kind of quiet, but there is something they also enjoy. That would be my newish bath mats. I got these shaggy bath mats a while ago, kind of nice but cheap. What do they enjoy about them? Grooming them and pulling the individual shag pieces out. They'll dig and groom it, then pull at the strands and try to get them out. I sat and watched them doing this one day, it was amusing and kind of funny. They get really into it, and then get tired of doing it. One time i was laying there with them watching, Jerry flopped out right next to me, and fell asleep. This was also the time i was trying to get it so amanda and emily could be out at the same time, and that was a good time.

Something else funny, they practically beg to play, then go sit in the common open cage i have out. I know it's probably a "safe zone" for them, but it's funny. Oh well, whatever makes them happy makes me happy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

audible sigh

Kind of hard to sigh on a computer, but there you go.

Can't sleep, so i'm going to babble on this for now.

Been a rough while now, so much not good going on, i just haven't had much in me to post or do much of anything. Long story short: close family member passed, was sick for a while but still going to miss her being around. I've had health issues, doctors have no clue, but it's annoying and frustrating (swollen glands, constant pain mostly in lower back, night sweats for no reason, more and more, ugh). The past few weeks i've had a dream each night where Jodi walks in, i'm surprised and ask how she is there even though she killed herself. It's wearing on me, i know it's a dream, but it feels real and it's every night. I haven't even really picked up my camera lately. Seeing family the other weekend was nice, but i feel more like the black sheep than normal lately, being single with no kids and career not doing so hot. Love them, lots. Wish i could be something they would be proud of, but it's not really in my control.

Okay, getting sleepy now.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson

(Warning, going to rant here a bit, just need to vent)

I keep seeing people complaining about the news coverage about his death, and the complaining is more annoying to me than the coverage honestly. Think about it, this tops in terms of size and viewers the marriage of Princess Diana and Live Aid. There isn't anyone alive i can think of, much less other entertainers, that comes close. Not even mentioning how much he changed the music industry and music videos the way he did. I've never been a huge fan, only really owned Thriller, but just hearing pretty much any song of his reminds me of being young, brings back feelings of those times, good and bad.

Don't even get me started on the trial. Okay, i'm started anyway. I watched a lot of it on court tv and read the testimonies, and besides the fact that he was acquitted, all the accusations read like an adult putting words into what they thought a kid spoke like. Almost baby talk, or like when an older person uses slang to sound "hip". Just didn't ring true to me, and i had no care if he was guilty or not. I also keep seeing people say "But he was such a freak, of course he did something.", and after having been called a freak more often than i care to remember it annoys me even more. "Just look at him!", of course he looked different, so he must have been guilty since he didn't look like you. Never mind the fact that more than likely had a bad surgery that the rest were trying to fix, even though you never can, and his skin condition (vitiligo) problaby made him want to even it out, not to mention feel like the freak that people were calling him. Why did he pay the people accusing him? My feelings, since he was acquitted, he felt bad the way the child was used (and abused) by the parents and wanted to make it up him the only way he could, with money. Don't forget, all you have to do is accuse someone of child abuse, then they have to prove they didn't do anything, more so for an easy target like him. Abused people (which he suffered, although not sexual from what i know) tend towards certain trends that are pretty easy to see if you know what to look for, some go hypersexual others asexual. Some become abusers and others lifelong victims. There are middle grounds, but usually those come through long therapy that the person knows they need. But hey, he was such a freak right?

I'm tired of people trying to knock the talented people down, if you want to do that go for the horrible people like Jon and Kate, Paris Hilton, and those ilk. Who have no accomplishments other than being famous for being famous or taking fertility drugs. If you really want to accomplish something, try to be as talented and famous as Michael. Do something to make the world a better place, or at least your corner of it. Do something ground breaking, redefine an area of expertise, make an impact. Don't just latch onto someone or something else and try to rip it apart or make it your claim to fame. Don't just say you will or pretend you're special, but actually put all your will into it, and if you fail at this, know it and understand it. Have humility about it and yourself.

Maybe i'm just sick of people in general, with so many thinking being a sociopath is cool or fun, and not looking at anything other than what they want.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Could be worse

Whenever i get down on myself, i have to remember, i could have it much worse. I've got a home, five awesome bunnies that no one will take from me, and a good family. Yeah, i've got health issues that keep bugging me, and the economy being in the dumps isn't helping things in general, but i need to keep reminding myself of the good, like these two poopers being happy together. ;)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Brain dump

Yes, i know i'm probably using that phrase wrong, i just don't care. It fit what i am feeling.
Nothing special is going on really, just feeling the need to express feelings and thoughts that seem to be filling up my brain too much.
Something that has been driving me crazy is that i've lately been having these dreams that just won't stop. I'm back in my house in LaCrosse and Jodi is there, having had faked her death due to having testify against those people who hurt her, and even though most people are mad at her for doing that, i have forgiven her even though it hurt. I know this is all crap that i need to get rid of, but waking up sucks. I have a little while where i'm happy, and then realize it's just a dream. Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so vivid and real feeling. I am really hating this time of year. To distract myself, i've been attempting to clean more, got part of the kitchen all done, and did a lot of work with crap on the deck. It was bad. To make a long story short, i had set up screens on the deck, to keep the bunnies from squeezing through the uprights, when they used to play out there. Since there have been bunnies in the area spotted with Shopes Papilloma virus, i have decided it is safer to not let them out there. They didn't really seem to enjoy being out there. I know some of them had been abandoned outside before they were found by the humane society and found a better home here. Jerry in particular hates being outside, even though he loves to sit in the window. He would get big eyes and just hunker down, not really explore or anything, and only get happy again when brought back inside. So anyway, i cleaned the deck, and moved stuff around. Along with checking out the plants that i can't really do much with as i'm allergic to them, but they are all doing great. The very abundant rain (after quite a drought) has made them all very green and ready to unleash a ton of pollen, which i am also allergic to. Did i mention i'm allergic to a lot, except bunnies? ;)
Totally unrelated (sort of), Jerry is running laps around the house. He comes in the kitchen, goes back into the library, into the hall, and repeats. Silly pooper. Amanda follows him, but then sees me and thumps at me. She loves me, but is so grumpy. ;)
Have i also mentioned i can't sleep? This is going to be a problem in a week, starting a photography class that starts at 8am, and is on the third floor, and i have been having issues with my back again, so that will be fun. :P
I probably should have warned that this was a rambling mess of nothing. ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

in a weird place

I hate this time of year. Remembering jodi, the last time i saw and talked to her, the good times that will never be again. I don't know why anniversaries have that effect on me, especially with deaths, but they do. I keep expecting to see her icon pop up in the IM window, and even though i know i won't, it still throws me that i can't chat with her again. Was nice to have some to talk to that was right on the same wavelength most of the time. Not having to explain things, or worry about what i talked about, because no matter how out there she would listen and probably have a similar thing to share. Somedays i go back and read the past chats, as my chat client saves chats to a log, and i feel like i'm back in those times. Even though it does kind of break my heart all over again. I know suicide isn't an easy option, and for those who know me know how i know that personally, having tried several times, but i still want to find a way to fix it. I would have done anything for her, more so if it would have kept her alive, even if it would have been harder for her to not do it. I don't know where this is going, just lot of stuff on my mind, with no way to really do anything about it. Maybe all the stuff also going on with my Dad and his heart attack has me thinking a lot about it, i'm tired of losing those i care deeply about, although thankfully my dad is healing nicely, and expects to golf in a week or so. I'm really wishing i had someone like Jodi that i could talk to about all this, which is kind of ironic if you think about it. 

Decided to try and take a summer class here, there is a short digital photography class, even though i probably already know most of what will be taught. Not the most intensive, short two or three week class, but might be good for getting me out there, meeting people, and trying new (although how new me doing photography is, lol) things. We'll see. Hopefully it goes good. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The week from hell

This has been a week i could do without. Not even joking. 
Last weekend, my car decided to go and act up. Engine light went on, couldn't accelerate up hills, and felt like it was going to die on me. Got it in tuesday (the soonest i could) and after a nine hour wait at the garage for it to get fixed, and man did it get fixed. It also cost near two grand. So much new though it is almost a new car. So i was relieved about that, but then the next day i get worse news. My dad had a heart attack while golfing. The last few days have been worried calls with family, and keeping track of his progress. He had blockage in two areas that needed stents, over 90% in both, but the doctors had a good report afterwards, seems he will be right back to golfing soon. I do think he is in better health than me, him being over 80, me not. So getting relived there, but then today my main back up of itunes and photo backup decides to act up. The drobo i have, which has been working flawlessly, decides to crap out. Keeps disconnecting, and i have to fight it to get it back. Wouldn't be so bad, but out goes my main storage with those on it. So all i have is what is on the drobo, but i can't get it off as it keeps going away every few minutes. Not even enough to get 100mb off at a time, and when you have a tb or more, that isn't going to work. So yeah, great fucking week. The bunns are still good though, so that's something, even though Jerry really, really didn't want me to try to clip his nails. 
A good thing is that i did see Star Trek friday, after a week of one thing after another preventing me, and i enjoyed it. So now i'm just waiting to see if something good or bad is going to come up. Hopefully good. 

Thursday, May 07, 2009

insomnia is the devil.

Yes, the devil. Not "a" devil. "The" Devil. At least that is how it feels the past few days. I'm either sick, or most likely going through vicodin withdrawal. Lovely. I'm not a pill popper, but a while back i messed up my back carrying laundry down the stairs and falling on the stairs, so the doc gave me a prescript. I didn't take even one a day, but they helped me sleep though the back pain. The a couple weeks ago i get an emergency root canal, and the doc gives me another prescription for it, this time extra strength. That's about two months or more i've been using it off and on. I've got to say it was nice to be able to sleep through the night, and was actually a pretty good anti-depressant. Oddly though, it only mildly helped the pain. Although now i've the annoying withdrawal symptoms, mostly insomnia, worse than i normally do that is. I'm lucky if i get an hour or two sleeping, with the dreams i get when sick, those that repeat and make no sense. So i'm not really rested at all afterwards, just more tired and sore, but unable to sleep. I knew people who had gotten into hard drugs like heroin from things like this, and it never ended well, and i'd rather suffer through this than go that way. So there's that at least, it could be worse. I just don't have to enjoy it. 

Friday, May 01, 2009

Grumble bunny

Got a message from my parents yesterday that sounded pretty scary, about the health of my dad, so i talked to them and found he may have had a heart attack or something similar. He had chest pain, with pressure, but not the arm stuff and all that. A couple of years ago right around Christmas (like the day or two before) he had a "silent heart attack", which freaked me out. I love my parents, and don't want anything bad to happen to either of them. I guess that goes without saying, but even though we are kind of like apples and oranges politically and such, they are good and i worry about them. I know that since my dad is around 84 or so that health things will pop up more, but it's funny, he's probably in better health than me. Walks miles a day, golfs, is very active and even though he sometimes puts it off, he does go to the doctor regularly and isn't one to ignore things when they pop up. I'd almost expect me to have one before he does, too much sitting on my ass all day, but the back pain doesn't help there i guess. (viscous circle) Side note here, i really should get a new answering machine, that one is somewhere nearing a decade or so. Kind of a kick in the ass really, here everyone is talking swine flu, and this happens. Hmm... Speaking of swine flu, i'm torn. I've heard people before not understand that flu can kill you, saying "but it's just the flu" like it's nothing. Yes, you will most likely be fine, but you can't breathe with stuff in your lungs. Somewhere north of 30,000 people die by the normal flu every year, and what, we're in the double digits only (world wide) for swine flu? Another side note, i heard a high up in the pentagon say that 30,000 deaths in a conflict is when people start to turn against it, talking about Iraq and past conflicts. He said it didn't matter how many of the other side you kill, just that if 30,000 of yours die then people start to go against it. Weird eh? Personally i'm against war, but know we as a species are stupid and stubborn. Bunnies are stubborn, but only in the "i don't wanna go home, i wanna play" way. 

On a brighter note, i may have some pictures in the local paper, yay! I was taking those Unity in the Community photos and a lady came up to me and asked me if i was getting good ones. She asked if they could use them in the paper and i said if any turn out sure. Turns out she was like the head of the chamber of commerce and thought the pictures i sent were great. The paper only prints once a week, so since i think it was too late for this week, i won't see until next week. I kind of (really not so much as kind of but a lot) needed that, was kind of feeling my photography was sucking. It could be what i mostly photograph isn't what most people want, being bunnies, insects, and nature. 

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Drobo, Unity in the Community, monkey pox

Got my Drobo today, yay! Now all i need are more drives, poo. Got two empty 500gb ones i popped in to get it set up, but i have way more than that i need to get on there. I also have a 1tb with my iTunes library on and photos backed up so i can't quite put it in there yet, so the plan is to get another 1tb drive, pop it in, move the stuff over, then put the full 1tb drive in. That way i can eventually upgrade the 500gb drives, probably 1tb to 2tb drives depending on cost when i get around to it. It's nice to not have to worry about maker or size really, main reason i got one as i have had no luck with traditional raids. :P Sadly getting new tech makes me want to keep getting new tech, lol. Retail therapy probably. Oh well.

Went to the Unity in the Community wednesday, it was interesting and kind of fun. My back decided to act up at one point, but not too bad. Something that bugged me to no end was the comments in the local paper, so many grumpy and angry people. I'd even wager racist and homophobic too, from what some said. Yeah, the town itself is pretty homogenous, but with the university i've met several interesting people from many different countries i didn't know went here. Some people just need to get out more i think, and maybe stop listening to FOX all the time. I got some pretty neat pictures, and put them up on my flickr, although i'll probably be putting some up on the River Falls Daily Photo blog i do. It did show me that i need a better all around lens though, one that can go from wide to more telephoto. I had a 28-90mm that i used, but at f5.6 or so it just couldn't do fast enough without a flash or too high an iso. (i could be totally wrong, and just not sure how, but i'm looking at a decent upgrade there, so shush) My best lenses are the macro ones, and i don't think people in situations like that want me that close to them, lol.

You're going to laugh. Last night i went to sleep. Woke up a few hours later feeling ill. Thought i was going to throw up, started panicking i had swine flu. Sigh. I know better, i know it's treatable. I know i don't have it. I haven't left the area in what feels like ages, much less Mexico. Sometimes my brain just doesn't work like i expect it to. Sigh...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What do i get up to at night??

One of these days, i'm going to set up a video camera to record while i sleep. I often wake up really sore and tense like i've been in a marathon or something, but don't think i've been out of bed. I could be totally wrong though, when i was younger i used to sleep walk, a lot. At a hotel in Toronto when i was a young teen or so i (from what my mom told me) almost walked off a balcony several stories up and didn't even know where i was. She said she woke up feeling i was in trouble and checked on me, found me about to climb over the railing, and when she told me to come in i was just like "okay." and went right back into the bed. I don't think i've slept walk in years though, when i've been with someone they never mentioned that, only grinding my teeth and tossing and turning a lot. Speaking of tossing and turning, i woke up several times when i was younger literally bound in my sheets, unable to move, and upside down hanging off the foot of the bed. So yeah, it might be nice to know what i'm doing while i sleep.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can't sleep

First off, a warning, this is a rambling post, i can't sleep, took my pain killers, and want to ramble to get this stupid mind to shut up. Yep, i do this for me, so i don't mind if anyone doesn't read or if they do. So yeah. 

Surprise, surprise, i can't sleep. My mind just won't shut up. About what i'm not exactly sure, but it keeps wandering to stupid shit. For example, take this stupidity, i have been preparing to get a Drobo to prevent loosing data (side note, the drive that "died" with my music on it, came back alive, wtf? i'm 99% sure that sucker had a head crash too) so i've been backing shit up on a 1tb drive which will join three other 1tb drives in there. (getting the four drive one, even though i'd love the biggest one) What knocked my socks off is how in the fuck did i acquire 608gb of music and video?? (almost all legally too, i'm sure the video is most of that, with the high def tv shows gotten off of itunes adding to a lot), still, that's a shit load of stuff. Currently at 162gb of photos too, yikes, i've taken almost 30,000 photos. It boggles. (and i'm sure swearing a shit load, lol. probably because the pain killers are kicking in, lol) So i'm going to be glad i will have a good back up for the photos in case a hard drive kicks it, instead of the many, many dvds (you do the math, at 4gb or so a dvd, and 162gb to back up). I'm sad i did loose a hd once that had baby bunny pictures of francis, but i had printed out some, so i have those (baby bunny, cutest thing in the world). I'm also seeing how good and bad it is to have pictures of exs. Good in that my memory is crap (had a good idea about how immortals would only have a memory of ten to twenty years to keep from going mad, kind of a short story idea, but not sure where to go with it, something like they would end up as crazy seeming homeless or something) so it's nice to see them, (and many were hotties, sadly not all the photos of many of the earlier ones though) but it takes me back thinking about what went wrong. So many times me, just being stupid or something, or them just growing out of love or whatever. I counted, fifteen official girlfriends, and thankfully i remember each of their names (spellings on some, not so much, odd spellings and such) and not even counting the ones who probably wanted to date me (i can be really, really dense when being flirted with, as i've been told many times before, and if i admit it, i didn't quite believe they would like someone like me) and i honestly loved each and every one. Even if my stupid fear of abandonment took over and pushed the person away. You have no idea how glad i am that that got (mostly) taken care of, mostly with finding out what went on as a child and why i repressed that much. (even if i don't really remember it clearly, it explains a lot of where my thoughts come from and all that shit) Here's a stupid thing, i don't know if it's the meds, but i'm breaking out like a teenager, ugh, and that stupid obsession i have won't let me leave them alone, i keep picking at them. And then i'll pick at the scabs. Sigh... I probably look like a meth head, but you know, fat. Yeah, that's attractive, lol. It's funny (and this is a weird diversion) i'm normally kind of a hypochondriac (not officially, more jokingly, me and an ex joked that i always had monkey pox, so over the top it was unlikely), so it's funny i'm kind of annoyed at the whole coverage of the swine flu thing. Yeah, people being dead and all that, but the odds of a civilization ending pandemic? The big one during WW1 killed many, many millions, and there was a world war, and humanity is even more than it was then. Not to mention all the nutjobs coming out saying it is terrorism (most likely cause reported so far is the industrial farms, where this always ends up coming from) and wanting to build a wall around Mexico. And i wonder why people always seem to let me down (not always true, but in general, it seems so more than not). Speaking of ranty, this is starting to sound so. :P

Monday, April 20, 2009

On a brighter note

It seems i haven't had a migraine in a good while. (crosses fingers) So while i've had a root canal, back injury, stomach trouble, and a visit or two to the urgent care, i haven't had a migraine. ;)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Midlife crisis?

I'm probably using it wrong, but i'm kind of feeling it. I was going through my iPhoto library and tagging photos of people, and it was kind of making  me think of the past and people from it. I'm a bit of a broken record on this count, friends who died, like seeing pictures of them and remembering the good times, but then it hits me that i will never have those again with them. I know it's not all about me, but i'm the one in my head, and not in others, and my life is the only one i really have control over, so yeah. Then there are the exs that kept saying how they didn't want to ever get married or have kids, and now are one or both. Even ones i stayed friends with, it's kind of frustrating. I know i'm not perfect, and definitely have my quirks, but then i see people who are horrible people who have families. Good times. It's a good thing i have hobbies, but hobbies only go so far. Hell, part of the main reason i babble on the blogs is too talk about things. I talk to the bunnies, but they just kind of look at me like "yeah, yeah, now about the treats?" 

So along the lines of midlife crisis, i might need a sports car, or more my style, one of these. Yes, i realize it would probably keep me from getting a date even more, but i'm starting to not care what others think of me (even if it would probably be correct)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

insomnia and the future

So i'm sitting here upstairs in the computer room, where it's humid and probably too warm (put over six computers in a room together and it tends to get warm, one winter when i was running them a lot, i kept the window open and it never got under 70F, ugh. It was below zero that time). Why i'm writing here, i don't know. What i'm saying, i don't know either. I just can't sleep lately, well, not true, i sleep, only when i'm exhausted and have had a second vicodin and other meds. I don't look forward to the dreams i have been having, or the waking up and realizing where life is either. Although i do look forward the bunns, that's a good thing. I used to look to the future with a bit of wonder, the realm of possibility, where anything can happen. Lately it seems it's more i see the future as a place where even more people i care about will die or leave, more doctor visits, and more people letting me down (not those close, but people as a species). I haven't posted a picture on any of the blogs lately as i just haven't been able to get up the motivation to do anything really. Most of what gave me please in life just doesn't seem to have a point, it's like being on a treadmill, going nowhere but knowing you're going nowhere and all that work doesn't mean a thing. God, where did my passion go? Was it so many people i care about passing? I looked up to them, saw them as more talented and stronger than me, yet there they went. If they couldn't make it, what chance do i have? Although i have kept going, not really by choice, but oh well. 
Probably doesn't help that my birthday is in a couple weeks, 39, one year to 40. Ugh... Not looking forward to that in the least. Never really thought i would make it to 30, so that's something. Even though the last decade has been a wash, zero progress, not counting the bunnies, which are the only good thing those years. It's like any progress gets erased not long after, but with more a push back. Sort of like, here is a +1, then later, but you also get this -2, too bad. Just feeling impossible to get back to the positive. I know all the different thoughts, that this is temporary, life is loss, that sort of thing. I have no idea how to see that though. I can see there is more to the world than "this", the universe just keeps rubbing my face in it. 
I think it's time i took that bath i thought about a little while ago, and read more. That seems to get my mind off things, at least a little. 


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Haven't updated in ages

Jikes, just looked at the last updated date and it's been ages (over a month only really) since i have written anything. Mostly just because i've been having a long, long run of bad luck, and it's times like that i really don't feel like writing about crappy things and thoughts and feelings. Still kind of riding the wave of bad luck, without a clear way out of it, but oh well. 

What's been up? I've gotten off Cymbalta, it wasn't really helping and i was on it mostly to prevent the withdrawal symptoms, which were hellish and long lived. I seriously wonder how much testing went into it, and why they think the benefits outweighed the drawbacks, at least for me. 

I had a computer in the kitchen, and it was giving me troubles beyond annoyance. Every so often at random, it would "enter power save mode". I ran memtest, fine. Thought it was a loose cord, nope, that only fixed it for a day or so. Now it's back  in the computer room with it's friends, and hasn't done it since. Ah well, technology is weird. 

Bunns are awesome. Was worried about Emily who was seeming sick, but more likely than not she has allergies, she tested fine and is back to "normal", as normal as she can be that is. Heh. Those fuzzy poopers are the best antidepressant i have, really.