Monday, June 08, 2009

Brain dump

Yes, i know i'm probably using that phrase wrong, i just don't care. It fit what i am feeling.
Nothing special is going on really, just feeling the need to express feelings and thoughts that seem to be filling up my brain too much.
Something that has been driving me crazy is that i've lately been having these dreams that just won't stop. I'm back in my house in LaCrosse and Jodi is there, having had faked her death due to having testify against those people who hurt her, and even though most people are mad at her for doing that, i have forgiven her even though it hurt. I know this is all crap that i need to get rid of, but waking up sucks. I have a little while where i'm happy, and then realize it's just a dream. Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so vivid and real feeling. I am really hating this time of year. To distract myself, i've been attempting to clean more, got part of the kitchen all done, and did a lot of work with crap on the deck. It was bad. To make a long story short, i had set up screens on the deck, to keep the bunnies from squeezing through the uprights, when they used to play out there. Since there have been bunnies in the area spotted with Shopes Papilloma virus, i have decided it is safer to not let them out there. They didn't really seem to enjoy being out there. I know some of them had been abandoned outside before they were found by the humane society and found a better home here. Jerry in particular hates being outside, even though he loves to sit in the window. He would get big eyes and just hunker down, not really explore or anything, and only get happy again when brought back inside. So anyway, i cleaned the deck, and moved stuff around. Along with checking out the plants that i can't really do much with as i'm allergic to them, but they are all doing great. The very abundant rain (after quite a drought) has made them all very green and ready to unleash a ton of pollen, which i am also allergic to. Did i mention i'm allergic to a lot, except bunnies? ;)
Totally unrelated (sort of), Jerry is running laps around the house. He comes in the kitchen, goes back into the library, into the hall, and repeats. Silly pooper. Amanda follows him, but then sees me and thumps at me. She loves me, but is so grumpy. ;)
Have i also mentioned i can't sleep? This is going to be a problem in a week, starting a photography class that starts at 8am, and is on the third floor, and i have been having issues with my back again, so that will be fun. :P
I probably should have warned that this was a rambling mess of nothing. ;)

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