Sunday, January 24, 2010

Before i forget, because i just might.

So, non-photoshoot stuff i want to go over.

• On the way out of town (by the old harley dealership, just past, not far, if you know the area), saw a gorgeous bald eagle standing on the side of the road eating something. I would have stopped and gotten pictures, but camera was in trunk and i was being tail gaited by a semi. Boo. Still, love seeing how big and pretty they are.

• Expected weather to be bad on the way down, nope, roads clear and dry. On the way back though, completely different story. Fog with visibility from a mile to .1 a mile. Snow in spots, rain in spots, drizzle in spots. Cars in ditches, people tailgating, speeding or doing that thing where they pull right in front of you. Ugh.

• First hotel i stopped at seemed seedy as hell, so i kept looking. Ended up at a better one only a mile from the shoot. Nice. The Days Inn by Watertown was better, so i'm glad i decided to try and get closer to Madison on the way back.

• A very random thing, while trying to fall asleep, flipping through channels, stopped on Three's Company for some reason. The scene i stopped on was a dead rip off of a Faulty Towers part. Beat, for beat. Shameless. It was the one where a restaurant critic came. I had the sound down, so i couldn't tell if the words were the same, but ugh, he was even acting like John Cleese did, not like how his character was. I know, don't expect much out of it, but still, shameless.

• Another tv thing, while waking up before the shoot, America's Next Top Model  was having a marathon, which i found funny, and was trying to let it inspire me. Just have to say, Tyra is nuts, and not in a good way. In a way that you see someone doing things and you feel embarrassed for. I'm not sure how much of that was a character she puts on, but wow. Fyi, it was the season with Creepy Chan, who is adorable, if not alien. Odd show that.

• Nothing like one's own bed, hotel beds suck and they hurt my back. Yeah, i know, it could be worse, but it's fun to complain. Speaking of hurting, wtf did i do to my left heel?? Hurts like hell, no marks, but where the tendon connects to the heel is like someone hit it with a hammer. Ouch. I don't remember hitting it on anything, so hmm...

I keep feeling like there was something else, but my brain is broken. I'll go over the shoot later, but suffice to say it was very interesting. I have about 500 pictures to transfer and go through, so that will take a while, but i also want to take a nap in my own bed or a bath before i do that.

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