Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Getting sick of people

It's probably no surprise that i'm getting sick of people lately. One of the things is how people are focusing on negatives, not positives. I'm far from an optimist or happy go lucky person, but frankly i'm getting sick of people focusing on what they don't like, and then proclaiming that if you do like it you are an idiot. This has been bugging me for a while now, but lately with all the vitriol about the iPad (not to mention the 12 year old level humor about the name) and those who would hate Apple even if they cured cancer ("But it doesn't cure herpes!!") and would never even think of getting it feel the need to denigrate those who see potential or enjoy that type of thing. I'll draw another parallel, when the Playstation 3 came out people pissed and moaned about it's cost, lack of a cable, and how their choice was obviously better and those who bought it were morons. I swear, i'm the only person that uses all tools available to me, and can draw honest opinions without doing this. I use macs, pcs, and even have amigas, and an sgi computer. I had a linux machine, but that was a joke, so i reinstalled windows on it. I have more pcs than the others, but prefer the macs, they just work better and are designed better, for what i do.

Now, i'd like to point out this goes beyond computers and tech. People hating on tv shows, vegetarians, people complaining about religions (and yes atheists, you're as bad lately as the others) that aren't theirs, cars you drive, sports teams, and on, and on, and on. One of the main complaints those who complain the most are that the other side is "smug", yet the ones who complain about the other side being smug the most are the ones who never shut up about it and think it makes them better than the other ones. It doesn't, it reflects worst on you not the people you are denigrating.

Yes, i realize i'm complaining exactly like i'm complaining about, if that makes any sense. I'm also near a breaking point, i'm sick of almost everyone, to the point where i feel death is too good for them. I'm not talking about when you see a movie or whatever and say if you didn't like it or whatever. It's the ones who never even try and still complain and mock with a sense of superiority. (that isn't deserved really, it's just one more stupid dogma that they feel is okay) It's them. Those i want to do extreme violence to.

That isn't a place i should or want to be, again. Bad things happen, but people just won't stop poking the bear.


Richard the Big Bunny said...

Hear, hear! :-)

LOST_kitty_k said...

I've been experiencing similar feelings. I haven't been out and about lately because I just can't deal with this sort of thing right now. The smallest things will set me off. Try to stay positive, that's what I'm doing! :-)

eveelagenius said...

Me too. But then I suspect I am secretly a smug hater. :P