Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Food trip

Was craving Calpico, and decided to go over to United Noodle in Minneapolis. It's a good distance, close to 40 miles from here, but worth it. I only hoped that this time they had some, unlike last time i went where they only had a couple bottles left. As you can tell from the photo above, they did.

If only getting there had been so easy. I got lost due to construction and a simple wrong turn that led to lots of one way streets. Ended up getting onto this road that snaked along the river, thought i was never going to get off it, and kept not knowing where the hell i was. After a long, long while, i saw the street name that the place is on. So i quickly went on it, even though i wasn't sure if i was on the right side of the river or not. Several times the road ended at a T and i had to choose left or right, but in the end chose right. Got there in the end.

Was quite busy too, more than i've seen it before, not sure if it's because of time of day or what though. Surprised they rearranged the store too, i kept looking for the Japanese section, and eventually sound it, and purchased much. I picked up some C.C. Lemon, which is pretty famous for their Simpson's commercials in Japan. It's actually really good too. Nicely light carbonation, and very lemony, without being too lemony. Wish i had bought more, only got two bottles, one of which is hidden behind the Oi Ocha, which is also good. Basically a nice unsweetened green tea from Japan. So many beverages, but also a ton of food, which you can see pictures of on my flickr. Basically a crap ton of ramen, several different flavors, snacks like mochi and Pocky, and tons of instant curry which i end up craving over rice i make in my Zojirushi rice cooker.

Thrilling story eh? Yep. The more things change the more they stay the same. Been doing a lot of this kind of shopping and such to distract myself from how much i've been missing and thinking of Jodi, not sure what kicked off this time. Could be that's it National Suicide Prevention Week, that i've been watching movies that reminded me of her, or that i've got so much on my mind that just won't go away and she was the only one who seemed to honestly understand and not mock or judge me for talking about them. Heck, even therapists have tended to do not really listen. Any way, i miss my best friend and more, one of kind she was, and am just trying to keep it from getting worse. If that's possible.

The bunnies are awesome as usual, shedding like crazy though. As usual.

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Battlescars said...

Ah you suck! I wish I lived closer to the Cities. I wouldn't be forced to concoct my own bahn mi's, which I can't even get close to the real thing... :(