Monday, June 06, 2011

Chippewa Valley Ren Fest

Sunday i was feeling 'off', had messed up dreams, got up early, and was feeling the urge to get out of the house. I tossed around going to the Chippewa Valley Ren fest, did my usual 'nah, yeah, maybe' anxiety dance, but in the end decided to just go for it. They predicted nice weather, warm but no storms, which seems a rarity lately. Having also recently gotten my car worked on, i felt better about that, so that's something. Here are my highlights of the day.

Fairgrounds entrance
I was surprised it was so formal, i half expected a smaller set up, but didn't know how long it's been going on before this year and it's history. I got into a little chat with one of the security guards about cameras, didn't know much about Minolta ones though, so i wasn't as helpful i guess.

Puke & Snot
It was the last weekend Puke & Snot were going to be there, so i got to get a good laugh in, they were funny and interacted with the audience. When i tipped them at the end, one told me he liked my tattoo, but i'm not sure which. If it was the spider web one, i sometimes get people confused why i have it, thinking it symbolizes something else that it doesn't. Long story, but it's my daughter that it symbolizes, sometimes i'm not in the mood to go into it though and just say "Spiderman". ;)

The Jousting was fun, here the "bad guy" is chasing his squire after she tossed a hoop where he couldn't get it. Drew a good crowd, and was fun.

Aisha & Ivy
Aisha & Ivy belly dancing (i believe this is Ivy), and i was shocked i seemed to be the only one watching. There was a drink/food area next to the stage, and it had shade, so there could have been people watching from there. They were both awesome, and i loved Ivy's tattoos, what i could make out.

There was a parade (at noon? i forget) and i *loved* these people. The queen (maybe? Not sure) was hilarious all day, and these horse riders were too funny. Very Alice in Wonderland.

He's like a dragon
Fire breather in a Utilikilt. (side note, sad to recently find out mine don't fit anymore, ugh, i need to get in shape). Love shots like this, the fire looks so cool, with so much texture. Got two good shots of him doing his thing.

Loved this couple, but my timing sucked, every time i could get a shot, she had her eyes closed or someone walked in front and they then moved away. Why do i like them so much? I can't say. Just do.

Dragon man
Loved this guy too, he was interacting with the patrons, being silly and very funny.

I adore ren fest fairies, sadly no Twig Oaklyn Flewinia Thistlebottom, but these ones were fun and lovely. They waved and smiled a lot to me, and i think i got some good shots of them, would have liked more of the one in green, loved her wings.

My favorite royal
Again, how awesome? Heh, loved the shoes/socks. This was during a thing where different groups presented to the king and queen, but this character was hamming it up the whole time. ;)

Awesome costume and character. That is all.

Gypsy Guerrilla Band
Loved their music.

marriage procession
Goofy 'marriage' of Maid Marrian (played by a guy and hamming it up) and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Ogre, troll?
This guy also rocked, was totally in character and his costume rocked. It was also at this point that i started feeling 'wrong'. I don't know if it was the heat (near 90F), being out of shape and walking up and down a lot of hills, but i was standing there and started to feel like i was about to pass out. So i decided to call it a day and head back home. I was hot, sweaty, and probably very stinky at this point, and as i found later, sunburnt on my forearms.

Headed home, decided to take a more leisurely pace home, and stayed off the interstate taking Hwy 29 back instead. Nice drive, little traffic, and saw a hobbit house (not really, but it was a lot like one), sadly had someone on my tailgate so i didn't feel safe stopping. I'll have to head back that way and try and get a shot of it someday. Speaking of heading back, i am actually thinking of going back to the ren fest again, it is supposed to be a good 20 degrees cooler, but still nice, so i would be able to handle it better. Plus it's only about an hour away, so not too bad a drive. I'll have to think about that.

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