Saturday, January 08, 2011

Movie Night - January 8th, 2011

Shorter Movie night tonight, couple of us were knackered. Was fun watching the kiddo playing with the Dalek, even though it was late for Christmas. Daleks are cool, everyone should have one.

   Pretty cool marionette puppet story told in a very interesting and original way. Interesting trivia from that page, it was inspired by September 11, didn't really see that, but got a lot of other social symbolism. Released in 2004, i just heard about this not long ago. Kind of surprised, really surprised actually as i love puppets and such.

Dirk Gently
   Yep, the one adapted from the Douglas Adams story. Odd fact, my brain always reads "Gently" as "Gentry", not sure why that is. It's annoying though. Seems that this got poor reception. This seems to be a one off so far, and it's been so long since i read the original that i liked it well enough for me to watch more of it. I remembered enough of the main story that the "revelation" was no surprise to me, but the humor was fun enough that i kept wanting to go along for the ride.

Peep Show, Season 7
  Most of the episodes from it. Skipped a couple, but watched most. Love this show, even if you feel embarrassed for the main characters and their choices.

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