Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bunnies are fickle.


I swear, these bunns enjoy messing with me, especially Jerry lately. He's a bit sick, when i took him for his checkup he had a pretty high fever and a rattle in his chest. (along with a larger lump that just turned out to be a benign fat deposit, is he saving it up? heh) So the vet gave me some meds for him, one with one dose a day, and one with two doses a day. First couple of days, it was cake. All i had to do was fill the syringe, and call him, and he'd come running and lap it all up quickly and politely. The last day and a half, not so easy. He sniffs it, turns his head, and runs away. I had to pick him up, hold him, and stick it in his mouth hoping he would lap it up. Frustrating, to say the least, that was amplified by his great behavior before. The last dose was not so bad though. I sat down, he kept coming over and sniffing it, and turning away rejecting it. I told him "No treats until you take your medicine." Not long after he behaved and took his dose. So he got a treat. Hopefully he learned, and it will be easy the rest of the time. He goes back in a little over a week to get a recheck, hopefully the meds will have done their work, and my old bunny (he's at least 7 or 8, probably older, as i got him from the humane society when he was fully grown, but they found him running around outside, so who knows how old he is) will be better.

I love these guys (even though only one out of four is a guy, heh), even though they get expensive when sick, they deserve it more than anything.


Anonymous said...

When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out at the window.

tfangel said...

That's an odd comment, and i'm not sure what it has to do with the post about the bunnies, as they don't care either way.

Probably one of those spam bot things, but i thought it was odd enough to let through.