Saturday, May 16, 2009

The week from hell

This has been a week i could do without. Not even joking. 
Last weekend, my car decided to go and act up. Engine light went on, couldn't accelerate up hills, and felt like it was going to die on me. Got it in tuesday (the soonest i could) and after a nine hour wait at the garage for it to get fixed, and man did it get fixed. It also cost near two grand. So much new though it is almost a new car. So i was relieved about that, but then the next day i get worse news. My dad had a heart attack while golfing. The last few days have been worried calls with family, and keeping track of his progress. He had blockage in two areas that needed stents, over 90% in both, but the doctors had a good report afterwards, seems he will be right back to golfing soon. I do think he is in better health than me, him being over 80, me not. So getting relived there, but then today my main back up of itunes and photo backup decides to act up. The drobo i have, which has been working flawlessly, decides to crap out. Keeps disconnecting, and i have to fight it to get it back. Wouldn't be so bad, but out goes my main storage with those on it. So all i have is what is on the drobo, but i can't get it off as it keeps going away every few minutes. Not even enough to get 100mb off at a time, and when you have a tb or more, that isn't going to work. So yeah, great fucking week. The bunns are still good though, so that's something, even though Jerry really, really didn't want me to try to clip his nails. 
A good thing is that i did see Star Trek friday, after a week of one thing after another preventing me, and i enjoyed it. So now i'm just waiting to see if something good or bad is going to come up. Hopefully good. 

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