Thursday, May 07, 2009

insomnia is the devil.

Yes, the devil. Not "a" devil. "The" Devil. At least that is how it feels the past few days. I'm either sick, or most likely going through vicodin withdrawal. Lovely. I'm not a pill popper, but a while back i messed up my back carrying laundry down the stairs and falling on the stairs, so the doc gave me a prescript. I didn't take even one a day, but they helped me sleep though the back pain. The a couple weeks ago i get an emergency root canal, and the doc gives me another prescription for it, this time extra strength. That's about two months or more i've been using it off and on. I've got to say it was nice to be able to sleep through the night, and was actually a pretty good anti-depressant. Oddly though, it only mildly helped the pain. Although now i've the annoying withdrawal symptoms, mostly insomnia, worse than i normally do that is. I'm lucky if i get an hour or two sleeping, with the dreams i get when sick, those that repeat and make no sense. So i'm not really rested at all afterwards, just more tired and sore, but unable to sleep. I knew people who had gotten into hard drugs like heroin from things like this, and it never ended well, and i'd rather suffer through this than go that way. So there's that at least, it could be worse. I just don't have to enjoy it. 

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