Monday, November 16, 2009

Strange bunnies

I have strange bunnies. Take for example how when out, Jerry with either Emily or Amanda, depending on which is out with which, will go into the downstairs bathroom as soon as the sun starts coming up. They probably enjoy how it's dark in there, with no windows and kind of quiet, but there is something they also enjoy. That would be my newish bath mats. I got these shaggy bath mats a while ago, kind of nice but cheap. What do they enjoy about them? Grooming them and pulling the individual shag pieces out. They'll dig and groom it, then pull at the strands and try to get them out. I sat and watched them doing this one day, it was amusing and kind of funny. They get really into it, and then get tired of doing it. One time i was laying there with them watching, Jerry flopped out right next to me, and fell asleep. This was also the time i was trying to get it so amanda and emily could be out at the same time, and that was a good time.

Something else funny, they practically beg to play, then go sit in the common open cage i have out. I know it's probably a "safe zone" for them, but it's funny. Oh well, whatever makes them happy makes me happy.

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