Sunday, December 13, 2009


I'm beginning to think Jodi had the right idea.

That's all.


eveelagenius said...

Its AN option. Generally not an interesting one though. :) Just remember life doesn't have to be what everyone else says it should. If you want to talk let me know. Please.

tfangel said...

It's not so much about what she did, although i was a bit vague here, it's also about some things she told me about other people and what i should do. She saw things i didn't want to.

Wow, vague much? ;)

But yeah, she was the one i could talk to about stuff like this, and she could relate and understand without judgement, something i've been missing a lot lately, so i don't know exactly how to get it out.

(kind of funny my comment here is a lot longer than the post)