Saturday, April 17, 2010

Movie Night April 17, 2010

Movie night for April 17th, also my 40th birthday, and besides movies there was awesome Indian food from Indian Palace in Woodbury. Three items, but the middle one was unusually long, but good.

First up was the new episode of Doctor Who, Victory of the Daleks.
   So far my favorite of the new season, posed interesting questions, had some hilarious moments, and i do love me the Daleks. So having a new one on my birthday always is a good thing. ;)

Next up was What's Your Raashee?
   A quite long, but very enjoyable movie from India. The female lead, Priyanka Chopra, definitely did a great job in 12 roles. Not to mention she was adorable in several of the roles, my favorite being the Sagittarius one. Go figure. ;)

Last was Gentlemen Broncos.
   Oh my, how do i describe this?? Crazy. Funny. Bizarre. Plus more. I hurt from laughing so much. 

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Battlescars said...

I couldn't get Baron Harkonnen out of my head every time Ian McNeice was on the screen. He did such a good job being evil in that role that it's hard to accept him as a "good" character.