Sunday, April 11, 2010

Movie Night April 10, 2010

Another night with an odd selection of movies, tv shows, and mostly just us two. 

I liked this more than the last episode, not sure why, maybe i just don't care for the whole "origin" type stories where we are introduced to new characters and such. I have to say though that the "space whale" totally reminded me in looks and description to the ships the Brood flew in the X-Men in the 80s. 

Party Down, 2 episodes:
Love this show and forgot it was coming back on. Good thing we watched two new episodes. heh. This show is awesome by the way. 

Very cute movie, made me crave Indian food badly though. Something kind of hard to get used to though, Indian people with heavy Scottish accents. Not something you see that often, heh, and Laura Frazer, swoon. ;)

Nice Irish film about relationships, of all sorts and outcomes. So many cute redheads, of course. 

Something i always saw on Netflix, but never watched, was awesome. The woman playing Asha, oh my, could she be cuter? No. And hey, she was on Doctor Who once. Heh. Also, made me crave Indian food even more. To the point where i think next week i'm getting a ton of takeout from the cities and bringing it to movie night. Seeing as it's my birthday. ;)


eveelagenius said...

It's your birthday next Saturday?!

Battlescars said...

Yeah... I feel the same way about origin stories. He didn't seem as crazed in last night's episode either. No wacky fish custard... I can't wait for next week. DALEKS! <3

tfangel said...

Yep, birthday April 17, Daleks, Indian Food. ;) I turn 40, dear god. :P