Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweet Crunchy Keyboard

I've been sick for the past week or so, stomach thing from hell, as the Simpson's put it, "Giving birth to a food baby." Good times. No, not really, mostly resting, bathroom, repeat. Like several times an hour. Wondering what i ate that did this, although i'm hearing a lot of people talking about getting "something" not fun like this. To top it off, allergies from hell as everything is blooming, and if i open the windows, my allergies kick in big time. Ugh.

So i've been sitting in front of the computer at the kitchen counter when i've not been doing the above. That is where the title comes in, i spilled soda on my laptop and now has crunchy keys. I tried to catch it really fast, but wow i wasn't so fast at all, ugh. Thankfully they all work, but i have some crunchy keys on the right side. Not as bad as the time they didn't work at all, not easy to type passwords when you can't actually type them in. heh. This is another pain though, one laptop has a dead graphics card, so i pulled out my older alienware which i mainly play MMOs on and now that is randomly disconnecting me from WoW. I'd use my newest powerful desktop, but for some stupid reason it's now randomly entering powersave mode. Ugh. This not counting the iBook i want to get the logic board fixed, but it's pretty damn old now, seven years, and it's mostly because i have a couple things i'd like to have. Yes, i do have a LOT of computers, heh.

One of the few things i have been doing though, besides the above, is playing World of Warcraft again. since i'm sitting there, i figured "why not?". I've also tried new things. I decided to brave the random dungeon finder. A little history here, i have had horrible, horrible luck with joining people in dungeons and raids. I don't belong to a guild, so it's all random people. I'm not the greatest player, so my dps isn't the best, and my healing could use work. Normally i just do pvp battlegrounds at level 80, and get whatever honor gear i could. I also would hop into lower level dungeons and see how far i could get solo, and i don't skip mobs either, i go for a full clear but not the zerg method. I know, i suck, but it's how i play. So feeling like crap, i decided to hop on to a random non-heroic. Ended up at Halls of Lightning with me as a healer. I had pretty decent gear, with a gear score of around 4k (pvp gear though). We didn't make it past the third mob group. Tank went down in three hits, everything aggroed me, and i died. This happened twice and i got booted. It was my worst fear. I know, it's just a game, and these people don't know me. I just hate that feeling of letting people down. I almost decided to quit WoW for good. I felt like physical crap, and on top of that emotional crap too.

I decided to give it one more try, this time not as healer role but dps in my shadow spec. It was heroic Utguard (forgot which one) Heroic difficulty. What happened? We blazed through, i was burning down mobs, healed in a pinch when the main healer accidentally aggroed an add (this must make no sense to those who don't play, lol) and kept everyone else up while the Death Knight kept it on him. It was my first good run in many, many years, before Burning Crusade actually. I had a blast. I've been running every random i can get into, with as many goes as i can. Even though running as dps means a 10-20 minute wait, i don't mind. It's nothing compared to the hours wait i had before the random dungeon finder for any lower level one, and all told i've had only a handful of bad runs out of tons of good. The bad included people with huge egos, people posting Recount scores (when no one is hurt and mobs drop) complaining, and the odd afk leach. Mostly good though, quiet most of the time, but one last night was hilarious. Overgeard players just going for their frost badges, flirting back and forth.

So anyway, as you can see below, i've gotten enough badges to get three pieces of T9, and achievements up the wazzo. So what's the point of all this? I don't know, except that i have a new favorite activity in WoW, random dungeons. I just wish i could go to the lower ones, never have stepped foot in the Burning Crusade or earlier ones, and raids too, that would be fun. I actually can't wait until Cataclysm to start over another character and see the new lands and old dungeons i missed over the years. Not what i expected after the game being out five years.

On bunny news, Kitty is being more herself, misses Zack like me, but is acting more like she used to. She even did a bunny dance when i played "chase the bunny" in the kitchen. That made me happy, haven't seen that in a while, even when Zack was around, she could probably tell he was sick. Now if the vet can figure out what is up with her skin, although where the fur has come out is coming in better and nicer looking. Who knows, doesn't seem to be mites or what we feared, so that's good.

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Battlescars said...

Yes, I can sympathize with the icky butt. Gage had it the last couple days. He gets over things 10x faster than normal humans though. I'm convinced he's not all human. He's only gotten sick 3x in his life so far. EVERYONE else I know with a baby has to deal with colds & flu constantly! My house is definitely not all that clean, and my mom's house is worse. His general practice is to dump his snack bowl on the floor before eating, and he likes to play in the toilet when I'm not looking. Apparently his duckies prefer toilet water to bath. He has the dirtiest ears of any kid I've seen, besides my brother... *SUPA* wax production. But the only time he's gotten an ear infection is the one week last year he spent in Green Bay with his dad's family. I have a pretty good immune system, but I think I'd much rather have one like his when it comes to getting over illness. I'll have the exact same cold for the better part of a month, and he'll be done with it completely in 2 days. Crazy...