Sunday, May 23, 2010

Open the door, sit in the seat, turn the key and go!

It's been a while since i posted here, probably many different reasons. Haven't had movie night in a while, due to where we have it has moved, and they are settling in and such. Been having a bad depression too, came on a couple weeks ago and only recently started to fade. That was annoying, i did the "escape into warcraft thing" too. I pretty much know where this depression came from, it's only a couple weeks until the two year anniversary of Jodi taking her life, and the dreams (nightmares really) have been coming fast and furious. Hard to stop thinking about when every night they keep reminding me. She's just been on my mind a lot lately, so there's that. I know, how is this different than other times? I know, but i can't really say. So yeah. Been missing Zack bunny, but thankfully Kitty is more herself now, still seems to miss him, but is acting more herself. That's a good thing. 

So at the beginning of last week things started. Started how i hear you not asking. Well,  i got invited to a group shoot in Stillwater at the Lowell Inn, honeymoon suite. Of course i jumped at the chance, better than having to drive all day for the same type of opportunity, even if those ones down by Racine are pretty awesome. Just nice to have one closer. Then things start going wrong, ugh. Nothing earth shattering or tat bad, just one thing on top of another. Get car washed, windshield cracks about a foot up it, probably from heat then cold water, the previous smaller crack didn't help i bet. Health issues (that i'm not going to go into here) pop up the two days before, big time, worse than before. Ugh. My clothes and shoes have shrunk (that has to be it, right? heh). Unknown charges on my bank card decided to push it over the limit, then the $35 each charge starts up. Great timing too as all the things i subscribed to charge right then. Ugh. Printer out of ink, had a hard time finding cartridge for it, needed to print model releases. More little things that just kept annoying the hell out of me. I was sure i was going to get there and be arrested for some unknown reason (hey, panic attacks are fun! and logical!). 

Anyway, i get there, and it takes a while for them to hear me knocking, of course i worry i'm at the wrong room. I'm not, which is good. There were about five or six (hard to keep track) other photographers, several models (of which i got six photographed), and tight confines. Side note here, I'm not too impressed with the Lowell Inn, i've stayed in much nicer for similar prices, (i forget the name, but that place in Chicago i took Emiko and Kevin to, that place was nice, for example (even though no one reading this will probably remember it, heh)). Very tight spaces with lights, bags, people, and need for there to be no clutter behind models. Got really, really hot in there, even with air conditioning going. I also almost forgot to eat before it, but grabbed a bite before, just got really hungry near 11pm and had to motor before i passed out. That part sucked, but the rest didn't. All the models were awesome, and i'd love to work with them again if i ever get the chance. Another side note, i really, really need to learn how to direct models, and tell them what i want them to do (not even mentioning knowing myself what i'd like them to pose like and such). Telling bunnies and other animals things, not so successful. "Hey Jerry, go over there. No! Come back!" heh. Events are the same type of thing, just have to go with the flow, and try and position yourself and catch what you want. So yeah (i'm saying that a lot, i know), it was an awesome shoot, with many amazing models from the area. Here is one of my favorite shots i got of one of my favorite models of the shoot (she's lovely, friendly, makes you feel at ease, etc. Although they all rocked). She is wearing the cuffs one of the guys who set up the event had, she was the only one to wear them though, and she looks great in them. Almost all the models had lingerie, some of it vintage from a shop in Minneapolis. (Speaking of which, if i had more time and knew models sizes, i could have gotten some of Sarah's awesome stuff from her shop in Portland, she seems to have a lot of great stuff.)

So yeah (again?? heh), here she is. Some mild retouching, (damn dust spots on the sensor, ugh) but mostly as shot. I need to go through them all and do it all, but this one rocks my socks off.

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