Saturday, May 29, 2010

Movie Night May 29, 2010

Holy crap! A movie night! ;) After a long break, back with a movie night post.

Doctor Who, Cold Blood
   Part two of a two parter, been watching them on my own since last movie night, so wasn't confused. ;)

   Standard action, but loved Michael C. Hall in it, great character. Best part of the movie really.

Ninja Assassin
   Some great moments, but a LOT of unneeded stuff that really broke the flow of it.

Oneechanbara: The Movie
   So disappointed in  this. Who hears bikini zombie slayer and thinks to go serious with it?? Oh well. The game is mindless fun, hack and slash, over the top. I'm going to include trailers for both so you can see what i mean.

Trailer for the movie:

Trailer for the game:

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