Saturday, June 26, 2010

Movie Night - June 26th, 2010

Movie night for tonight was a bit unplanned, but still enjoyable. Mostly tv shows though, so maybe i should call it TV Night. ;)

Doctor Who, The Big Bang
   I'm guessing i'm the odd man out, didn't really think it was so good. The "wacky" cartoon music just didn't feel like it fit, and i'm tired of "Oh noes! The doctor is going to die!" or "the universe/time/whatever is going to end", we know he's going to be fine, come up with a new tension builder. Had some moments i liked, but first part was better, with better twists and suspense. Basically "Status Quo is God", when it could have been so much more. Thankfully i was wrong about it being a case of "Space Jesus", although maybe it was really. Rant over. ;)

Pulse, Pilot
   So much potential, so damn slow and boring. Strange happenings in a hospital in England, so slow, and not in a good thoughtful way. Pilot only, so maybe a series would be enjoyable,  but not sure i'd tune in for a second episode.

Party Down, Constance Carmell Wedding.
   Love this show, it's awesome, never a bad episode. So we watched several of them. ;) This one featuring Jane Lynch who left for Glee, which she also rocks on. Love her.  Side note, all the episodes of Party Down are free to watch same day as they air on Netflix. Good that, season finale, bad that.

The Gates, Pilot
   Fun, sort of a supernatural Dallas or Dark Shadows (redundant there?), vampires, werewolves and witches oh my! Slightly camp, didn't seem to take itself too seriously without being goofy, and Rhona Mitra, swoon. ;) Hopefully it doesn't get cancelled, and goes on to be even more awesome.

Party Down, Joel Munt's Big Deal Party
   Loved this episode, sci-fi geeks getting revenge and one of the best lines ever.

Party Down, Not on Your Wife Opening Night
   Anyone who's ever done anything in theater can relate to this episode. ;) Like a more lighthearted Slings and Arrows, which everyone should also watch, it's awesome.

Party Down, Party Down Company Picnic,
   Featuring Kristen Bell, being awesome, gorgeous, and kind of scary. ;)

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