Saturday, July 10, 2010

Movie Night July 10th, 2010

Movie night again, can't think of something witty to type here, sorry. Although i had thought about photographing the Poison cover band and the Schitzofrenic one too, i decided my body was too sore and it would be good to hang out with friends. Sick Girl kind of made me second guess that decision (kidding, but it was bad)

First up was Gamera: Revenge of Iris
   Holy crap this was awesome, and brutal, and probably kind of what it would be like if giant monsters fought in our cities.

Followed by Daybreakers.
   Interesting premise, kind of slow though, and it was pretty.

Last up, Sick Girl
   Sigh, i guess "if there is nothing nice to say, then don't say anything."  "..." Wait! I thought of something! It gave Stephen Geoffreys (Evil Ed from Fright Night) work! That isn't gay porn! (wow, did not know that...)

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