Saturday, July 31, 2010

Movie Night - July 31st, 2010

Movie Night for July 31st wrap up time, and off we go!

Godzilla Raids Again
   An older, from 1955, Godzilla film. Interesting, but also kind of funny for it's special effects, puppet-like and sped up, different than later films. All i kept thinking about the name though is raiding like in World of Warcraft.

That Mitchell and Web Look, Series 4, episode 3
   Besides some odd sketches that would have probably made sense if we were from there, it was pretty dam funny. As the show usually is. ;)

Sherlock, A Study in Pink
   I was quite wary about this, as pretty much every Sherlock Holmes pales to the Jeremy Brett version, but the lead did a pretty good job of channeling him in the ways that matter. His voice and inflections were damn close, and there were good call actions he did that Jeremy Brett did, partly because those were illustrations in the book, but also fit the character. A variation of the story A Study in Scarlet, but with obvious changes. Some aspects of the show i am a bit not such a fan of, the fast cut chase of the cab, just didn't seem to fit for me. One thing i started not liking but grew to like, even though it got less used as the episode went on, was the floating text. Not too sure i like the change of Watson's character though, there just seems to be something missing in him to me. Maybe he'll be more to my liking later, who knows. Gah, i could go on, me and Sherlock, lol.

The Crazies
   Funny thing about this one, i netflixed this a while ago, and accidentally got the original. This version came the other day but i just hadn't got around to watching it, so it's good then that i didn't. Once it got going, it just kept going more and more. Wow.

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