Sunday, August 15, 2010

Movie Night - August 14th, 2010

A very diverse movie night, that's for sure, which ended up with one of my new favorite movies.

iCarly, iPsycho
   This and the next two was mostly watched for their son, being things he could watch, if you were wondering. Not typically things we would pick, although Justice League is pretty good too.

Victorious, Tori the Zombie
   Was described as this generations Saved by the Bell, which fits. ;)
   (I have no idea why this video is backwards, or such poor quality, but its all i could find to give you an idea of what it is.)

Justice League, Secret Origins (1-3)
   I do like this show, but prefer the later episodes and seasons, they hit their stride after a while.
(can't find a youtube for this either, sigh)

That Mitchell and Webb Look, Season 4 Episode 5
   Not much to say about it, some hits, some misses, still pretty funny. Funny reference to a Doctor Who episode. Couldn't find a youtube for this episode, but you get the idea.

She's Out of My League
   Not a reference to the Justice League, sadly. No clue how this got so high rated, pretty meh. Also, i must point out how i find her friend much better looking and more interesting as a character too. Wondering how they all aren't in jail for all they do on planes and airports, but i guess it's all for the plot.

House, aka Hausu
   Oh... Em... Gee... I love this movie. There is a Criterion Collection DvD, which i WILL own. ;) I really have no words to explain this, none. Other than it's awesome and insane. Watch the trailer, it doesn't even come close.

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