Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Menraku Ramen Miso

Also eaten recently was Menraku Ramen Miso, and i have to say, so far my favorite, hands down. Also one with more pictures than normal.

Same as usual, package without wrapping. 

Peel back lid, take out two packages...

sprinkle powder base and dried veggies out on noodles. Pour boiling water and let sit for three minutes.

Squeeze out miso paste on soup (hard to explain what miso is like, but i love it)...

stir and eat. Nom, nom, nom. You can tell how the miso spreads out and flavors it, very good. 

Hands down so far, my favorite. I could live off this, well, mostly, but you get the idea. The noodles are good, and plentiful, a good amount of dried veggies, and the soup and miso are a great flavor. 

I've probably said it before, but i'm really seeing the difference between what we have as ramen and what you can get here. There is more than noodles and a small package of dry powder, in fact more noodles too. Granted, these are generally around $2 each here, probably less there, while our cheap ramen is like a pack of six or more for that price. That said, while the story of a student getting scurvy by only eating ramen is a myth, most of our ramen has had most nutrients fried out and the powder doesn't add much, so seeing ones like this with more actual "stuff" is good to see, although the sodium is probably a bit high. Oh well, got to live like a rock star, heh. ;)

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