Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Menraku Ramen Soy Sauce

A little behind here, been playing a bit of Final Fantasy XIV Online and backed up on actually posting these, heh.

One of my so far favorites, Menraku Ramen Soy Sauce flavor.

Package, without plastic wrap. 

Two packages inside, one with veggies and powder, the other one with a liquid.

Powder added, boiling water added after that, wait three minutes.

Squeeze liquid (concentrated soy sauce flavor i'm thinking), stir and eat. Nom, nom, nom. 

I am loving the styrofoam bowls, even though probably not as green of me to, it's nice not having to worry about too hot of hands or burnt fingers. (probably have to explain here, i have one of those water boiling appliances that heats up quick and hot. It does get hot, boiling actually.) I do love this one, pretty much one of my top ones. Yeah, i'm not the most eloquent right now, or ever really, but oh well. 

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