Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movie Night - January 15th, 2011

I must be getting old, or need to wake up later or get better sleep. One of those, or two. Getting tired early sucks, but things were watched, and here is what.

Destroy All Monsters
    Godzilla movie from the 60's, so some moments of awesome, some moments of silly, and some moments of "get on with it and show the monsters". ;)

OutsourcedTemporary Monsanity
   An episode of the television version of the Outsourced movie (which i loved), better than expected and what i've read in reviews. Plus, it had the voice of Batman from the Brave and the Bold in it. ;)

Under the Mountain
   Cthulhu for kids, from New Zealand, sort of. Although the main guy twin was so annoying i really wanted him to get eaten, and none of the Lovecraft mythos have happy endings. ;)

The Losers
   Based on a Vertigo comic i have never heard of, strangely. Guess not a huge surprise as i've been bad at keeping up with comics for a while there.

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