Saturday, February 26, 2011

Movie Night - February 26th, 2011

Not feeling so hot right now, not sure why, just kind of hit me. So i'm going to try and crank this one out quickly and hope it doesn't mess up.

Outcasts Episode 1
Seems like BBC does Battlestar Galactaca. Potential, bleak, but only eight episodes this season, so not that much time wasted if it's not good. ;)

How Not to Live Your Life, Don the Musical
Yes, we have watched this before, and it also makes me want to see David Armand in more things, especially after his interpretive dance bits on Fast and Loose.

Awesome from the moment it starts, and just keeps on going. (no pun intended) Don't bother asking questions, just go with "no reason". ;) (could have done without the rabbit part though, sigh) It's even weirder than the trailer implies. Seriously.

Lip Service, Episode 1 and Episode 2
Kind of like the LWord in Scotland. Have i mentioned i have a weakness for scottish accents? Well i do. ;)

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