Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kitty is calming down.

So yesterday i trimmed Kitty's nails. This may not sound like much, but this is a bunny who *hates* being held, picked up. So much so that even the vet had to do a bunny burrito with her so she wouldn't fight so much. Every time i've tried that, she manages to get out of them, and leave me scratched and sighing, with maybe a nail or two trimmed. Yesterday though, was interesting. She knew i was going to pick her up, as soon as i went to her she took off to the open pen where they sometimes lounge. I did pick her up there though, and she wasn't too bad, relatively relaxed in my arms. She even let me flip her over, which is something she never let me do before, and i got a couple of her paws trimmed. She only started freaking when i got to one of the really long and curved nails (which couldn't feel good being so long like that). She then started trying to get away. I rubbed her head for a bit, and she calmed down, and let me continue. Surprisingly i got all or most of her nails done well. I tend to try to not cut the quick, so i might leave them a bit longer than the vet, but i hate hurting them, especially when trying to help.

Afterwards, she hopped down, i gave her some dried fruit from Just Tomatoes, bunny crack that stuff is. ;) (also yummy for humans too). She avoided me for a little bit, but then started running around, and not making the *click* *clack* sound she did before, and i think she started to understand why. Not long after she plopped down where i took the photos. Less than two feet from me, for a long while. She's becoming more affectionate towards me, which is good, as i love her and she no longer has Zack to be there for her. She fights hard with every other bunny here, no matter how much i try to introduce them, she bites at them right away, no hesitation. I have no idea what happened to her before i adopted her from the humane society, but i'm guessing she had a rough life, with how much she avoided me and other bunnies other than Zack.

Now if the Vet and I can figure out what her skin condition is. It itches her, and is causing fur to fall out, but there doesn't seem to be any parasites, bugs, etc. Hopefully it's just something annoying, and not dangerous.

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